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When it’s bat vs. bat, how can anyone lose??

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  1. Outside comic books Batman should just stick with fighting criminally insane and help out other better DC heroes to fight against likes of Brainiac General Zod, Ares and Black Manta and just leave fighting Dracula to others that are better at it.

  2. What really stings to me is that this…REALLY problematic series has this movie as one of its few genuine high points. This movie that has no idea what the hell it is, who the hell it’s for, or why it exists aside from advertisement’s sake.

    • The Real Silverstar

      You could say the same things about the show. The Batman didn’t add anything significant to the DC or Batman mythos, many of the changes it made were just for change’s sake alone and it’s main reason for existence was to sell a bunch of cool new Batman toys to kids.

  3. It’s a damn shame we never got a Batman TAS version of Batman vs Dracula. It would’ve been far better then this I’m sure. They’d at least have stuck to one characterization for Dracula.

    Hell even Adam West’s Batman vs Lugosi’s version of Dracula would’ve been better then this. I don’t imagine it’d top what Timm and Dini could do with the Batman vs Dracula premise but it would be glorious in it’s own fashion I’m sure.

  4. I am so done with tortured Draculas and “The Philosophy of Batman”.
    If you say Batman is the real identity and Bruce is the mask you are inabiling a sick man and agreeing with one of his greatest insane sper villains.
    Jim Butcher did my favorite Dracula. In the Dresden Files, Dracula was just theupstart brat son of Dracul.

    • The Mysterious M

      But Bruce Wayne IS the mask. He keeps up the identity of a carefree playboy. For example, he has a bunch of companies which are merely fronts for his charitable donations. Now, if the playboy Bruce Wayne wasn’t the mask, he’d be much more forthcoming about things like that.

      There’s also more pieces of evidence that I’m not listing.

    • “you are inabiling a sick man”

      Just to be clear, we are talking about a fictional superhero, right?

  5. This movie was way better than it had any right to be.

    Hell, The Batman had some really decent episodes, despite it being mostly forgettable.

  6. The Mysterious M

    What kinda surprises me is… why Dracula? Especially when he already has a vampire in his rogue’s gallery: he’s called the Monk

    • Name value I’d imagine. The Monk hasn’t been used in a Batman story in a long time after all, the younger audience might not even know who he is. Of course they could’ve introduced him in this movie, though this movie had trouble with the vampire they already had.

  7. I heard of this movie. I thought it was good. I watched a little bit of “The Batman”. It seemed like a good show to me. I never did watch the 90s Batman. I watched “Justice League” though.

  8. Well, there was a what-if story if the X-men were turned into vampires, Wolfsbane may have been part of the story. I honestly don’t remember it was a long time ago. Jubilee is now a vampire though

    • The Real Silverstar

      The X-Men are Marvel, not DC, so that’s irrelevant. And urgh, don’t remind me of that vampire Jubilee garbage. I freaking hate that.

      • Wait wait wait. Let me get this straight: Vampire… Jubilee. A vampire… that sparkles.

        Need I say more?

      • ‘The X-Men are Marvel, not DC, so that’s irrelevant.’
        Except Maven specifically asked during the video if Wolfsbane had ever met Dracula.
        I’d imagine the answer is ‘yes’, during the Jubilee-becomes-a-vampire story, but I don’t know.

        I’m pretty sure, however, Woflsbane wasn’t introduced until after Uncanny X-Men annual #6 (why do I know that issue number just by memory?), where The X-Men met Dracula for the first time. It’s a very good story.

  9. A way this movie could’ve been improved is if Carmilla was Dracula’s enemy. He tried to force her to be his bride and she rejected him resulting in them being bitter enemies. Both of them end up in Gotham and Batman has to deal with their conflict as it endangers the populace.

  10. RM-Keyblade-Mistress

    I can definitely agree with you on this movie. They made Dracula a bit useless with his plans to take over Gotham, and even the battle with Batman was not what it seems.

    HEY, wait a minute! You’re still in Channel Awesome, but Paw isn’t? This is confusing to even think. Sure, you two just had a baby boy, but why let Paw leave Channel Awesome when that website was what helped him start his life as a reviewer of musical movies.

  11. I think Dracula specifically chose Vikki to revive his wife because he felt a genuine attraction for her, and the spell to revive his love would only work if he sacrificed someone he had feelings for. After all, it’s hardly a sacrifice if you don’t care about what you’re giving up.

    As for why he sought out the elite of Gotham? Well, look at the Joker, despite being bitten just like all of the lost ones, he retained his ego as a vampire instead of becoming a mindless ghoul (though even HE couldn’t outright defy Dracula, I especially loved the line “I’m his vessel.”) Perhaps people with naturally strong personalities are the type who would maintain their intellect as a vampire instead of becoming mere minions, and the upper crust with all the power, authority, and wealth they wield in life are more likely to house such strong egos. When Dracula went to Bruce’s party he was scouting out the people who could join his ruling class after his apocalyptic takeover, which meshes pretty well with his attempt to convince Batman to join him.

  12. ‘BATTAS is the best version. Fight me!’
    I’d rather do what I’ve spent the last 3-4 weeks doing: watching Batman: The Animated Series.
    BTW: I think Dracula in this version looks a lot like Ra’s Al Ghul in that version.

    ‘Have you guys read Batman: Masque?’
    I have. It’s decent, but they could’ve done so much better with the premise.

  13. Also, that Batman Enters The Tomb Of Dracula looks more interesting to me than the Elseworlds version (which already looks very interesting to me; I’ve been wanting to read it for a while now). I can’t help but wonder how they got away with that title? Was it published before Marvel had a series called Tomb Of Dracula? If so, it’s strangely specific.

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