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Heroes teaming up to fight villains? What a novel concept for a movie!

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  1. I cannot thank you enough for this request! I know I said it before on your other site but it really does gratify me. ^_^

  2. Oh god the guys shooting at batman reminds me of my #1 favorite badguy line from “The marine” at 1:03

    Will someone please shoot this guy.

    what does it look like were doing?


  3. Since the last chunk of Kryptonite fell splintered into a river, we used to joke that it was now in the water supply. Maybe that’s why Superman’s power output fluctuates so much. On some days he barely makes it out of the shower.

  4. Oh! I have never heard of this so I was thinking that this would be a comic for the movie (in the same way as that Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band episode). Silly me. 😆

  5. You would think a hazard suit would stand up to acid. Wait, what was the flower that sprayed the acid made of?

    20:30 Superman didn’t feel the effects of the kryptonite until he saw it?

  6. Dana Delany who voiced Lois Lane in this and in every Superman TAS episode also voiced Andrea Beaumont in Mask of the Phantasm so if you think about it it might had been confusing for Bruce Wayne to hear some other woman having same voice as his first true love.

  7. Is just me or the cartoon has a more serious, rounded and complex story than the R rated movie?But I dont want to see this story as an live action movie.
    I want more epic yet.

  8. Did you know that Linkara was in an episode of BTAS? It’s true: he’s reading a comic and drinking a cup of coffee in one scene of the show.

    “You’re Bruce Wayne.” – So many memories of HISHE.

  9. I still love Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I’m not ashamed to say that it’s my favorite film of 2016, or that I own the Ultimate Edition Blu-ray, or that I own the movie poster and hanged it next to my Avengers poster. And thank you very much for not bashing that movie over the head countless times, Lewis. I am getting really tired of it.

    Anyway, I was their when The Batman/Superman Movie first premiered on Kids WB in the fall of 1997. I was blown away by this crossover, and it wanted me to see a live action version of this, and I STILL was not disappointed by the end result. I eventually got all three of the episodes when I got the complete Superman animated series on DVD.

    5:44- Now if someone would give Fake-President Trump a concussion.

    7:50- A deadly chin weapon. Chins, my god.

    Linkara’s doing an awesome job on his impression of Lego Batman.

    At least Suicide Squad showed Harley Quinn in her original outfit in that one bit in the flashbacks.

    20:28- In the words of Batman, “…Oh shit.”

    22:06- It’s thanks to these crossover episodes that we got the awesome Justice League series, and it shows why it’s my favorite superhero team of all time. And yes, I am looking forward to the lice action movie in November.

  10. Yeah, this movie’s awesome to say the least. Personally speaking I do much prefer it to BvS. I wish the DCU overall would take more cues from this era of dc animation. You didn’t mention that superman peeks under batman’s cowl with his x-ray vision, prompting batman to use his detective skills to discover superman’s secret identity in return. I always though that was badass and it shows their respective abilities make them equal adversaries, which of course leads to their eventual mutual respect for one another.

  11. “We’ve all seen it before-!”

    Me: I haven’t

    “For God’s sake, if you haven’t then why are you watching this, go and see the movie-!”

    Me: But, I don’t have it…….

    *waits for more prompts for instructions*

    Me: Okay, then. *sits there and watches the review*

    • We do live in the 21st century you know.

      1. Buy the individual episodes (Superman the Animated Series, season 2 episodes 16-18).
      a. Free with Amazon prime, or $1.99 per episode.
      b. Google play, $1.99 per episode.
      c. iTunes, .99 per episode.
      2. Rent the compilation.
      a. Amazon, $2.99.
      b. (not on Google for some reason)
      c. iTunes, $2.99.

      Amazon and iTunes offer the compilation for sale, but it’s much more expensive than just buying the “World’s Finest” parts 1-3 individually.

  12. The Real Silverstar

    Q: Who would win in a fight between Superman and Batman?

    A: Who cares? They shouldn’t be fighting each other anyway. They’re much cooler when they work together.

    • Captain Chaotica

      And for pete’s sake, they’re both founding members of the Justice League! (As well as the Justice _Society_, in the right alternate universe…)

      Also: Tsundere Batman is the FUNNIEST THING EVAR. XD

  13. Linkara RECOGNIZES a fan demand for BvS and yet outright demands we PAY him to deliver it. Wow…just…wow.

    • It’s like he has the right not to discuss if he doesn’t want to or something. Oh wait, he does.

    • 1. Linkara normally reviews comic books, not movies. The reason why he did a review of World’s Finest is because one of his Patrons sponsored it. That’s what sponsorship is; patrons pay producers to produce content.

      2. This is his job, so why shouldn’t he want to be paid to review something that he doesn’t normally do?

      3. I don’t get why fans *want* Linkara to review BvS. *everyone* on the internet has reviewed that movie by this time. Plus, Lewis already made a vlog about BvS while it was still in theaters. If you want know his thoughts on the movie, why not just watch that?

      • Frankly I don’t get why fans sponsor the show and then don’t ask him to review a bad comic. Between theme months and Patreon reviews, bad comics reviews seem few and far between.

        • Personally, I like whenever someone gets him to review a webcomic. We still don’t have anyone doing that, and it’s one of my favorite storytelling mediums, with more than enough hilarious garbage to make fun of.

    • The Real Silverstar

      This is his show. If Lewis doesn’t want to spend an entire episode comparing World’s Finest to Batman V Superman, he doesn’t have to. This is also his job, so I don’t see why shouldn’t want to be paid, especially for something that’s outside of his wheel house.

      If you want to see a comparison between those 2 movies or just a BvS review, why not review it yourself? If producers aren’t making the kind of content that you want, then make your own. That’s what I’d do.

    • It seems to me that there is a name for it when someone demands you provide goods and services for them for free, without paying them, and entirely at their whim. The word escapes me for some reason, but I can’t help but think it has something to do with cotton and a war where a bunch of people died trying to get rid of it. Can anyone help me out here?

      • Do you think Linkara would have taken this stance in his first couple years when he was trying to get established and building an audience?

        I get that he CHOOSES what he wants to cover and what he doesn’t but I’m reasonably sure he’s gone out of his way to listen to fan demand in the past. It just strikes me as ‘out of character’ to suddenly demand money for content he would have happily produced for free a few years ago.

  14. The Dodger Hat Kid

    This movie reminds me more of The Dark Knight. Joker as a villain, the love triangle plus a fight scene in a nightclub where Batman interrogates mobsters.

  15. Okay, seriously, why hasn’t Batman inoculated himself against Joker Venom yet? He /knows/ it’s his arch-nemesis’s favorite weapon. Isn’t Batman supposed to be the guy who’s prepared for anything?

    • He DOES have an antidote to Joker venom. He’s used it on victims of it several times in the DCAU. Problem is, that’s not going to help you if you’re in an airtight room filled with the stuff. Sure the poison itself won’t kill you but you’ll still asphyxiate.

  16. Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne look exactly the same?!

  17. I love this review! I have yet to see the movie. It’s mostly because I don’t even know if it counts as a movie. I’m not that much into older TV shows. The logo took up a lot of the space. I guess that was for copyright problems.

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