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Heather goes over Adult Responsibilities vs. Gaming. Is it more important to play or adult first?

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  1. Great video Heather. As a kid, my parents were always “Chores and studying first and games later.”

    When I first got my own place after graduating college and getting a job, I always played games first and did my chores later. In fact, I would play games for so long that I wouldn’t even eat dinner till 10pm and went to bed at 3am to get up at 6am for work while keeping my apartment messy. Those were the days. XD

    Now I’m a lot cleaner and I agree that I have to “earn” playtime. My parents still get on my case about cleaning and I have to keep my place clean whenever my girlfriend visits. It’s a lot easier to find your games when they’re not buried under garbage. 😛

  2. So your cat is Garfield, basically?

  3. Something to consider that might help with your cat is one of those motion-sensitive compressed air turrets. Place them on a counter or by the curtains…wherever they climb up…and it’ll spritz them when they try Shenanigans. You don’t have to get up, and it works while you’re not around.

  4. Well, my backlog that extends back to the PS2 if I don’t count digital downloads of retro titles or modern retro compilations says that I also suck at balancing life and gaming. I also have that inability to complete games and fall behind on series quite often, especially with RPGs and other longer games.

  5. Honestly I think your problem is you have too many games ,I actually do not care if a finish a game only if the game I play is a series I like and if that is the case I will only focus on that game .Also I have put my tv watching to a minimum because I do not like anything else on TV anymore except sports and HBO shows.

    But as I said if I do not finish a game that is okey.even if it is in a series.I know you have responsibilities as a grown up but some people make that an excuse to not play the games in how they suppose to be played.Playing on easy is stupid come on have some challenge.Also find people who say they do it for just the story if that is just the case then go play a visual novel or a point and click adventure.why play a big RPG and not enjoy the game(sure JRPGS have great stories but it the experience that is important in those games).

    This I have no time is just an excuse these people have.

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