The Battle Blog: Gaming Minimalism

Josh talks about his experiences with minimalism in gaming. Is it about having less games or only getting the games you have time to play?

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  1. Interesting video.

    Can’t really say I’m a minimalist since I love buying and mostly playing games. However, I try to actually complete all the games I buy since I play games as my primary hobby.

    I don’t buy EVERY game that comes out, but I try not have too much of a backlog either.

    I can see where you’re coming from if you don’t have the space or time to play every game out there.

  2. Been through that….You find yourself in the game isle of a Half Priced Books…You see all these games you remember wanting but never got around to playing, you buy ALL of them, months latter they’re still sitting on a shelf untouched. I only just recently got around to installing Skyrim.

    Handheld games are great for entertainment when using the treadmill & exercise bike. I decided it would be a more entertaining form of exercise than putting up with mediocre Wii games. & like you said, you dictate how long you play, like an RPG that eggs you on to play for 8 hours or more a day. They’re also a nice break between big long games, so you don’t burn out.

    I have the weirdest craving to see you with a Seneca Crane beard.

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