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Frank talks about his experiences with strategy guides. Did you ever need them?

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  1. Good video, Frank. Nice to see the other BGP members doing their own videos.

    I used to love the old Nintendo Power strategy guides like the Final Fantasy and SMB3 ones, but strategy guides in general have been obsolete since the late 90’s with the advent of gamefaqs and gamespot guides. I usually have my laptop next to me if I need to go to gamefaqs while playing a game.

    I admit I do like reading strategy guides in the bookstore just to look at the pictures, but I don’t really see the use for them anymore.

  2. I used to love strategy guides. I would *always* buy the guide first, and IF I liked it, THEN I bought the game. I never cared for spoilers, so that was not a problem for me. I was much more obsessed with finding everything, doing all the sidequests etc. I still have my old guides and I treasure them. My favorite was the one for Breath of Fire III.

    Sadly, my last console was the Playstation 2, and while I still play PC games, there’s no point in buying a guide when I can easily find a FAQ online.

  3. I can’t play Oracle of Ages. I got as far as the Goron dance and gave up.

    I wrote a guide for Silent Hill 3 and a quarter of it was about pointing out the inaccuracies in the official strategy guide.

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