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Estus Pirkle has taught us all about Footmen and Hell, and now in the final part of his trilogy, he tells us about heaven!

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  1. It’s about heavenly damn time that we got to see how eye-gouging this trilogy of christian scare films end.

    3:16- I haven’t been able to “come” after seeing that kid in the first film getting decapitated by a communist officer.

    It’s negative thought like that of Estus Pirkle that show why I don’t hate harmless movies like Justice League and The Last Jedi.

    6:33- “The More You Know…”

    10:45- Ha! Take that, Trump.

    11:55- Or he’s the “Down With Disney’s Treatment of Franchises and its Fanboys” of the late 70s.

    13:43- Mommy, can we leave church early? This guy is creeping me out.

    14:59- Oh yeah, I am so putting that POS in my Amazon wish list.

    16:47- With you calling God Odin, all I’m thinking is “Heaven isn’t a place. It’s people.”

    19:06- …Why is the Anal Dwarf’s wife singing in this movie?

    19:50- I’m not a drinker, but after watching this, I’m begging for a 40 oz.

    21:12- I wish this WAS that episode of Star Trek, regardless of whether or not it’s one of the worst episodes of the franchise.

    • What astonish my is that they didn’t bring a Rapture (I think?), Divina Commedia and Paradise Lost yet! This one generally has a quality of a performance of the special class (edit: take a note I write that before it did happen 0_0) and try buy “believers” with promise of material goods. In end it looks mostly a hilariously incompetent , not downright manipulative and heretical like most Christploitation movies. I would say its biggest crime is that it is boring, though maybe other two movies are worst.

  2. If Footmen Tire You…Breast Men will absolutely exhaust you…and don’t get me started on Ass Men!

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