The BEST Christmas Rap Songs I’ve Ever Heard – Rap Critic

Rap Critic praises the best rap songs about Christmas.

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  1. Wait, woah woah woah woah. You were able to have six songs on this list?! O.O Although, I have heard of song #4 because I heard it on a car commercial. Lastly, I saw that Teyana Taylor was on that Kayne West song. I see so that’s why she was in that one music video.

  2. “&^%$ ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas!'” I hate to say it, but I feel the same way. While I do like to observe all 12 days of the festival which started today, I absolutely cannot stand the song. It probably wouldn’t be so bad, but there are like a million terrible parodies of it of varying humor and quality, mostly lacking both. We really don’t need any more versions of this song.

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Yeah of course Kanye couldn’t go one song without making a sex reference but I’ll be sure to check out all the songs you mentioned

  4. What? No Christmas in Hollywood? sad face.

  5. :42-45 I’m a little embarrassed to be the one to point this out, but Kurtis Blow actually recorded Christmas Rappin in 1979. Granted that was in the early in the days of Hip-Hop so that hardly anyone noticed.

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