The Blair Witch Project – Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann reviews The Blair Witch Project.

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  1. Great video, Chris. I found this movie very scary when I saw it in theaters in college in 1999, but my jackass friends at the time said they hated it because it was 90 minutes of 3 teens yelling at each other in the woods.

    You really had to have seen it in 1999 before there were spoilers on the internet and I had no interest in seeing it until my friends wanted to and I tagged along.

    Irony is that I ended up liking the movie and they didn’t. Haha.

    • Spoilers? What is to spoil in here? This movie has clever marketing campaign what first hit with viral creepy-pasta style information’s about some weird encounter and that movie is supposedly real. Obviously anyone with half brain would ask why they release it in cinema, but still you have build up before entering the cinema.

      Also there are two kind of people.. those who get horror and those who like monster flicks. Blare Witch is good horror even if you know it is fake, but it is bad monster flick as it don’ use elements of bad horror.

  2. Snorgatch Pandalume

    Actually, someone DID think of this before, namely Ruggero Deodato, director of 1980’s Cannibal Holocaust, although granted only the last part of that movie is “found” footage.
    While I’m not that big a fan of the found footage genre, since most of them are made by people with much less talent than the folks who made Blair Witch, one that I saw recently and really enjoyed was Trollhunter. It’s a Norwegian movie about three film students doing a documentary about bear poaching who link up with a guy who kills trolls for a living.

    • Maybe it wasn’t first but it popularize te genre.

    • While I’ve never really been interested in the “genre”, I do think this one has the advantage Chris mentioned. It’s low budget means they couldn’t overdo it. Take the Paranormal Activity series, which now would have us believe someone was setting up cameras throughout their middle class suburban house in the 1980’s when the cameras cost thousands each.

  3. I dislike horror movies so it’s an automatic skip. Also, history is repeated itself. We’re in the second era of the 90’s since another one is coming out. LOL. However, I do respect its marketing campaign. Wow! O.O

  4. Looking forward to seeing your review of the Book of shadows. Maybe then I will learn why there were no book of shadows in the movie.

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