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Chris Stuckmann reviews The Boy.

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  1. First!!! 🙂

    Just a jobless girl
    Living in a Gothic world
    She took these people’s job, not know they’re ma-ad!

    Just a creepy boy
    With someone in his employ
    He took this new nanny and drove her ma-ad!

    Did not like Tomb Raider in the slightest but I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it

  2. Well, your review certainly explains why this movie has already made its money back.

  3. Just saw this movie. It definitely deserves props for its concept. It is one of the more unique set-ups for this kinda movie. I thought the suspense was very well-done. As for the ending, it kinda falls flat. However, this movie hypes things up so well and after such build-up, it would be difficult for it not to be underwhelming when it’s over.

    I will say that this “hint” at a sequel? Yeah, no. The concept is good but this is very much a 1-shot movie. Nothing else you can really do with it.

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