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The Cinema Snob finds out if he has what it takes to be a buttercreamer.

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Brad Jones portrays The Cinema Snob, a pretentious film snob who is stuck with reviewing Z-Grade exploitation flicks of the past. I'm a big guy. For you.


  1. My parents use to buy a whole collection of Feature Films for Families when I was a kid and watched most of them. They were made by a Mormon studio company. At the heart of these films, they’re suppose to be about morality and virtues. They are just typical Super Christian Family values film with rose tinted glasses (sort of a Christian-y version of the Hallmark Channel). All in all, they were harmless if not a bit cheesy and melodramatic.

  2. I’d also watch Hoosiers instead of something called “The Buttercream Gang.”

    Is it just me, or does Pete look a lot like Pee-wee Herman?

    3:43- Brian, I know that you hate yourself, but please go see Suicide Squad instead.

    6:32- I’ve said it before in the comments during the “Jesus, Bro!” telethon, and it still applies here: “GO TO FUCKIN’ HELL, CLAY!”

    9:05- Scott and the other “Buttercreamers” are probably treating Margret like that, because they’re not fans of the new Ghostbusters.

    10:19- And all these girls later went on to become pornstars. …Geez, I can be really dark with the jokes.

    16:44- At least Suburban Knights is a better gang name than “The Buttercream Gang.”

    21:04- Nice job with the tone, movie. This is like if my friends and family are about to tell me that I won the lottery, but start by acting like my girlfriend just died by a car accident. What the fuck, Christian movies?

    Please review the sequel, too.

  3. That is such an awful title and name for a gang.

  4. Hey, Snob,I have a job for you, by your fans from Russia, I’m sorry for my English writing through translator, If you are interested in a selective slag, I advise you to watch the Russian film “Green Elephant” shot in the nineties, I think you have to take a look there on that, with your brand subtitles, get a great review, you will not regret it (almost) or review on ”Burnt by the Sun 2” select propaganda and horribly stupid,I said that the way the film was sent to Oscar, yeah It was an epic shame. Please, not ignore that. For your russian fan.

    P.S. Пей водку, сука, или мой ручной медведь сожрет твою семью, пока я буду играть на балалайке хайвей ту хелл. Спасибо Обама-чмо.

  5. The real problem with this movie is its message. I know that they are trying to teach the virtues of love and patience. But there is such a thing as tough love. Sometimes being harsh with people who you care about is the right thing to do because the alternative is for them to learn their lesson in a more painful way later on, or not at all. If a gang of teenagers is going around stealing from people, then punishing them at least a little bit is probably a better reaction than just giving them what they would have stolen. No one in this movie even thought of contacting those boys’ parents or guardians and making them give back what they stole and apologize for it?

  6. Does this town have police? The most authoritative adult in the town seems to be the shop owner and he’s to high to give a rats ass.

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