The Cat: Introduction – Spotlight

Dena finally talks about her favorite Red Dwarf character, along with the actor who plays him, and other fun stuff.

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Dena takes a positive and detailed look at retro games, horror games, horror movies, and whatever else she feels like. Also Silent Hill. And cats.

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3 Comments on "The Cat: Introduction – Spotlight"

Tilda Adade

I never realized I grew up with D.J.J either, until I looked at his filmography. He starred in two children’s shows that I watched avidly when I was younger (the Story Makers and M.I.High)

Chicken Puppet

First off, nice use of Stray Cat Strut!

Kryten is definitely my favorite character, but I can see why people are drawn to The Cat. Danny always brings so much energy and flare to the role, it’s hard not to like him.

Le Messor

I’d never noticed him in Labyrinth or Blade II… but I think the former is more forgiveable. (I have both on Bluray / DVD.)

I couldn’t help but notice that the footage you used when you were talking about CINO vs. a sitcom “filmed 20 years earlier” was from Back To Earth, which was actually 5 years later… not to defend CINO.

I love your Cat cosplay! 🙂