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Did it happen? Did a DCOM finally break Doug? He sure doesn’t seem happy about The Cheetah Girls. Find out why.

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  1. What?! Who doesn’t like Cheetah Girls?! O.O Then again, I LOVE Mamma Mia so that may explain it. I just did NOT expect this at all. Plus, I read the books as a kid and I found the books annoying but not the movies.

    • When I was younger I felt the opposite. I loved the Cheetah Girls books but I honestly didn’t like the first movie at all. I did like the second one a bit but not to the point that I wanted to rewatch it and I didn’t bother watching the third one. I did love the soundtracks growing up though. I played them all the time.

  2. Cinnamon Scudworth

    I only remember this for the ludicrous quotes attached to the print ad.

    “The Cheetah Girls series is fierce — and full of FLAVA!”

  3. Is this a new part of the ACTION 52 lineup?

  4. Gotta say, this was the first I’ve heard of the Cheetah Girls franchise. I’m glad it was through this review and not the actual movie itself. This way, I at least know there was an actual band with the name, and that their music might be worth checking out if I want to. Otherwise, I’m glad I’d heard nothing of it until now.

  5. Here’s an idea someone ought to do with one of these “bands starting out” type movies: instead of the Industry Suits being the villains and it being all about “being true to yourself,” how about dispense with the whole villain thing entirely, and make it about how effort, hard work, and such being what garners success? Or have the protagonists learn that a little bit of compromise goes a long way in helping you get what you want? Tough decisions, taking risks (some of which don’t pay off in the short haul) – have these be the things that finally get them where they want to go. And instead of some random industry suit taking them basically off the street and into stardom, have it be that they have to work their way up by small steps – develop a local following, win a few local contests that do little more than garner recognition, play the club circuit (which would be hard for underage girls, but maybe make them teen clubs or something).

    I’m rambling, I know, but seriously: the message of “be true to yourself” doesn’t ever guarantee success, and “industry = bad” ideology will actually close doors for you rather than open them. It’s life.

    Like Doug says, this kind of film is pure industry paint-by-numbers, which makes its “be true to yourself and screw business” message 100% horsecrap by its own standards.

    Like I said above, all part of the Action 52 lineup.

  6. This is one of your longest Disneycember reiews! With so much hatred poured out, it makes sense. I’m fortunate enough to never see this. I heard of it though. I remember looking on the IMDb and seeing it was the lowest ranked DCOM. It figures.

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