The Cinema Snob: The Fantastic Four

Before the release of the new Fantastic Four, The Cinema Snob checks out the 1994 version from Roger Corman!

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  1. I wonder what will be the worst F4 movie brad reviews this week. This one or the new one with 17% rotten tomatoes.

  2. SailorRustyBacon

    Reed Richard’s stretchy arm rivals that of that bug-eyed yeti’s! *awkward goodbye wave*

  3. I remember seeing a trailer for this on a VHS when i was a kid, though it wasn’t the tape the snob showed.

  4. My god… He out Baned Bane!

  5. I just to happen to have a bootleg copy of this film., & I have to say it a bit better than the other films.,,.

  6. The Fantastic Four have gotten three movies made before Wonder Woman has even gotten one. DC really needs to get their shit together.

    • to be fair wonder woman isnt an interesting character. She’s superman with bondage rope (look it up) and a greek mythology background instead of space aliens.

      DC has a lot more interesting female super hero’s like black canary, huntress, vixen, bat woman, big barda, mary marvel, zatanna

      • Wonder Woman can be interesting if she is written well, but I seriously doubt DC will get that right in the upcoming movie. I suppose if this 1994 Fantastic Four flick counts as a film, then you have to count the DC animated movies in which Wonder Woman has gotten a movie of her own. But I still think the most well known superheroine in the world deserved her own live action film before F4 got a THIRD theatrical film released.

      • sonorwegianithurts

        to be really fair, Fantastic Four is marvel and not DC.

      • Yeah…she is so boring that she spearheaded a very successful TV show in the 1970s….

      • Black Cannery: one of a few characters with super screaming
        Huntress: Batman with a crossbow
        Vixen: a female Animal-man
        Batwoman: her name says it all
        Mary Marvel: Female Shazam
        Zatana: female Zatara
        Big Barda: She’s more of a supporting character than a stand alone hero

        basically you’re own argument pretty much applies to all your examples.

  7. Interesting choice casting Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Doom here.

  8. Well…there was the tiny (constructed) town in New Mexico that was threatened by Loki in “Thor.” 🙂

  9. 3:07- That’s not what Colossus from X-Men looks like.

    6:45: At least the Tim Story Fantastic Four movies are better than this one.

    8:15- Don’t worry, Snob, we’ll be seeing the Four Horsemen in next year’s X-Men: Apocalypse.

    13:04- This version of Reed Richards is less Mr. Fantastic and more Stretch Armstrong.

    15:51- Sorry, but Emil Blonsky already has the name “Abomination.” …God, I’m a nerd.

    23:12- At least in the first Tim Story movie, the Thing action figure said “It’s cloberin’ time,” and later said by the real Thing before giving Doom an “I AM A MAN” punch.

    This movie is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cheap.

    Love the joke at the very end about the producer of Grizzly 2.

  10. you know that villain who was stealing the jewel, He seem to behave like Mole man except he lack the monsters that normally accompany him.

  11. I’d still take this movie over the entire first season of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers anyday. If this F4 had only come out four years sooner it would have made a nice “made for TV movie” because as bad as it is it is still better than some of the direct to video movies I saw in the early 90’s.
    It’s definately laughable, but it had potential. That potential just wasn’t on the big screen.

  12. I can understand why Reed’s FF costume stretches, but why does the other stuff he wears stretch along with his arms? Even the 2005 version made the same mistake.

  13. They may have spelled John Constantine’s name wrong, but you mispronounced it, so….
    Just FYI, it rhymes with “Valentine” not with “Halloween”

    • except virtually every example of the name being pronounced in media has it rhyming with Halloween. even when talking about the Roman emperor of the same name

      • The Roman Emperor’s name does rhyme with Halloween. John Constantine’s is pronounced differently. There’s even something of a running gag across his comics appearances with people mispronouncing his name and John having to correct them.
        It does seem, however that everybody who ever tries to translate the character to screen missed the memo.
        About the only time I can think of where I heard a long “I” Constantine in any popular media was in the Doctor Who episode “The Empty Child” with Doctor Constantine.
        I’ve heard the “Rhymes with fine” pronunciation is more common in the U.K.

  14. How does the Cinema Snob know who Etrigan the demon is? I mean softcore porn and erotica sure, but DC Comics c-list heroes? Who would’ve funk it?

  15. 0:05 Fantastic Four, or to be more exactly the terms German translation, is also the name of a German hip-hop group founded in 1989 in Stuttgart. They’re still going today yet Marvel NEVER pressed charges. Weird.

    01:40 “Constantin Film”? The Bavarian Constantin Film? *looks it up* Yeah, it is them. Huh…

    08:20 Moleman?

    13:45 Wohow, that line is gloriously exploitable XD

    21:45 The whole queen thing would really fit more with the Moleman. Didn’t he want to make Sue his queen in his first appearence? Why did they decide to create a completly new character for this? And why do I have legitimate questions about the production teams decisions when the movie was never released?

    24:05 Logically speaking New York is one of the biggest and most well known city in the world so something big happening there is bound to catch attention. But in this case it’s simply because the Marvel comics offices are in New York so everything big happens there.

    24:20 “I love you wife.”

    25:30 That was a very dissapointing Gum Gum Pistol.

    26:20 I think this was meant to suggest that this wasn’t actually Dr. Doom but one of his Doom-Bot doppelgänger.

    Honetsl, that movie doesn’t seem to be that bad. Would watch and enjoy it if I didn’t had anything else at the time.

  16. Give Roger Corman a million dollars and you’ll get a movie, maybe not a good movie, but it will be a fun movie.

  17. 2:58-3:07

    I know that guy….
    Where have I seen that actor before?

  18. I loved ‘The Boy Who Could Fly’, but only saw it once way back when at the movies. Bet it hasn’t held up.

  19. I was actually thinking this could have been a passable film to be released to the public, up until the point where a fight scene was represented by the screen spinning. Still, I’ve got to say, this has got to be the most enjoyable Fantastic Four film.

  20. This is actually…. pretty good. The characters look spot on, they included the Mole Man even, and Victor’s accident is like in the old comics.

  21. “And Ben never gave up his pet rock collection.” This was the line that killed me, I actually had to pause the video to get out all the laughs.

  22. Wow…this looks bad even if it was from 1984.

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