The confusing timeline of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy adaptations – The Dom Reviews

The Dom attempts to explain what a unique and weird life the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy has had in regards to its adaptations.

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  1. Go Fuck your self I loved that movie

  2. I read Colfer’s book several months ago. I thought it was a pretty good sequel considering it wasn’t written by the master himself.

    • Its nice that the book exists to clean up the downer ending, but it’s also just sort of there and feels a little like its trying *too* hard to match the sense of humor, down to using exact lines, and it doesn’t ever quite flow correctly. It’s kind of like the movie adaptations of Diskworld. It’s there…. but it’s off.

  3. I once tried to make a similar chart of all the Arkham games and the DLC and a couple of the graphic novels the refferenced in chronological order. I myself found it so unreadable I’ve decided to just say “stuff happens at some point.”

  4. No mention of the Infocom text game? I am disappoint.

  5. I actually did see The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie. However, I didn’t know about all of this other stuff. Wow. O.O I’m also curious as to why you didn’t like the movie but I’ll just have to tune in next time.

    • Even with three different versions to go off of, the movie barely follows the plot or characterization, and worst of all completely misses the style of humor and butchers it. It’s not quite “in name only” but it certainly skews that way.

      When the BBC series nailed it scene for scene and almost line for line, there’s not much excuse for a different production to have missed it by such a long mile.

      Generally what I’m seeing is that people that saw the movie first and then read the books were fine with it, but *anyone* who was exposed to the books or BBC version first absolutely hates it.

      • I actually read the book in its entirety the night before the movie came out (I couldn’t set it down). I thought the movie was OK, and I did like Alan Rickman as Marvin, but you could see the studio’s influence all over it. Which is always the case when it comes to bad adaptations. Though, at least they got the Whale over Magrathea right.

  6. Scott Grildrig

    A good breakdown, however you should have briefly mentioned the LP (we played snippets from it at the college radio station), and the video games (just noticed somebody mentioned those below). Adams was deeply involved in all of those variations too…it’s no wonder his heart gave out… 🙁

  7. There’s also the iPod audio book staring Christian Slater as Wago the Sane which is based on the books but for all intents and purposes is also a radioplay and oh no I’ve gone cross eyed.

  8. I read all of the books written by Adams and I still like the movie even if it was Hollywoodized…but I had no idea there was one more book written in 2008, guess I’m finding myself a bookstore.

  9. Is the ‘unwritten book’ The Salmon Of Doubt, or is that a Dirk Gently book? (Sorry, while I’ve read the first five books in the trilogy, I haven’t got to that one yet. And I’ve only read the first Dirk Gently.)

    The movie is your personal worst adaptation? Wow. I know it’s bad, but I wouldn’t have gone that far.

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