The Console Wars Part 5: Mobile Gamers

Our final week takes a look at the newer world of mobile gaming, and also dives into a special message at the end.

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  1. Okay, I’ve seen the first episode: Part 1 The Nintendo Gamer.
    I must agree, Nintendo gave birth to the hardcore gamer because I played with that accursed system, yet I never saw it as such back then. You had to be committed to play games like the Karate Kid until you finished it. That was a hard MFer. After all that pain and frustration you had a huge sense of accomplishment and were proud to have endured.
    Now, as for mobile gaming, I feel that’s where gaming is going. Mobile platforms aren’t hardcore yet, but just give it time and they will be. That smug sense of superiority is coming.

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    great epic speech at the end of the video.otherwise see ya’ll in 2015 and remember that i wasn’t born and raised in nasville just cause i said ya’ll it was a joke.laters

  3. I know Gaming Wildlife focuses on the players of the games. It’s a shame because there is a second side with the game makers. I think mobile games provided a sanctuary for game designers over the past few years. In the Consumer electronics world there has been a major contraction. Many studios have closed their doors and the ones still standing have cut their staff. Mobile Gaming allow those laid off to stay in the business. It also allows for new ideas and concepts where the consoles are only focused on their franchise bread and butter (ie Mario and CoD) In the end, mobile gaming may save the industry.

  4. Today I learned that KotOR is getting mobile version and this video is uploaded.

  5. Well, I understand that you wanted to include phone games because they have a different dynamic than home consoles, but you completely ignored 3DS and PSVita, which are more of a console than phones. If you’re going to include phones and PCs, I think it would have been fair. If you did a video comparing the two on youtube already, I’m sorry and ignore me.

    • I agree with this. Maybe we’ll see something about them in the future. We just have to make it clear that we want to see the show tackle legit handhelds. Perhaps they just needed to know there’s an audience that wants to see that.

  6. Hit him in the face more when he wont shut up.

  7. *Applause* Bravo sir! Bravo! Every gamer needs to hear this!

    Being firmly entrenched in the Playstation camp, I unfortunately find myself falling down the same holes and traps. Yet mobile gaming has offered a few new opportunities. I tell people who don’t call themselves gamers that they are, since they play Angry Birds and whatnot on their phones. It also means that I, as a person, comes off as more approachable since we can still talk about games we all enjoy and a few surprises pop up. I normally point out how everyone’s played Tetris, but then I also discovered one of my girlier colleagues has played Sid Meier’s Civilisation.

    Also, I second the motion in the comment above me: please delve into handheld consoles more, 3DS, Vita or anything else.

  8. Video games have come so far in the past twenty years, yet the terminology hasn’t kept up. Back when everything was Pong and Pan-Man it wasn’t a problem to lump everything together with the single term “video game.” But in this day and age, when you’re putting games like Mass Effect and Skyrim in the same category as Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga, you’ve got a problem. To say “but its a game, too” is abusing the definition by use of a technicality, and completely ignoring the connotations the word “gamer” has amassed over the years.

    There has to be a distinction made between those who play video games as their main source of entertainment, and those who play to simply pass the time. I play my Xbox an average of 6-8 hours a day. Basically from the time I get home from work, until I go to bed at night. The average Android “gamer” plays an average of 37 minutes a day. So please, don’t call us the same just because we both derive entertainment from pixels moving on a digital display. We were here first, so “gamer” is our term, please get your own.

  9. PC Master Race reporting in.

    You could argue that mobile gamers are their own group, if such a group existed. What you call mobile gamers are really just gamers of other groups who happen to use their phones to play games when away from their PCs or consoles. The only exception to this are those people who just keep a few games around to waste a few moments when not immediately busy, and this bunch has no real long term investment in these games and no sense of community with other non-gamers who play games on their phones.

    It should also be noted that practically every “mobile” game can either be played on the PC with usually better controls and options or are simply down scaled versions of PC games. If anything, smartphones are just an extension of computers into every day life and therefore and extension of PC gaming albeit at a dramatically scaled down version. Its like bad snack food, it should never really be the main source of your diet.

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