The Console Wars: Playstation Gamers

Our third week takes a look at the everyman console, Playstation, and the people who play it.

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  1. Great video touching upon the history of Sony and Nintendo’s failed collaboration. Nintendo was literally given the shaft when Mega Man and Final Fantasy had to be PSX exclusive. Final Fantasy 7 is the reason why I got a PSX in the first place.

  2. Nice boobs.

    Now I have to watch the video again to see what the hell they were prattling on about.

  3. for some reason I get the feeling this will be brad jone’s favorite video. why? because of the cat post of course. duh.

  4. I don’t understand the cheap accent or the obsession with boobs. The content was fine, but the execution and presentation were extremely flawed. The Channel Awesome community is smarter than this. Please give us the benefit of the doubt instead of forcing us to watch the boobs of a woman who says 3 lines. Thanks!

  5. Ever one stop being distracted by boobs,

  6. An ininteresting analysis of why Sony was once king and now struggles for identity? That’s the hook, a busty female gamer with a mostly unzipped pullover? That’s the Boob Hook.

    • Sony never had much an identity even when its was king most of their IPs were made by 3rd parties, the Playstation one won over 3rd party IPs mostly because Nintendo stuck with cartridges with the N64 and the Saturn was hard to develop games on. The Playstation 2 expanded upon that success not only by launching long before the competition but also because it played DVDs while costing as much as standalone DVD players did at the just as DVDs were taking off. When PS3 rolled out with no such factors favoring it Sony lost their industry dominance as 3rd parties ceased making exclusive IPs for them or for much of anyone else for that matter.

  7. Is she even going to be wearing a shirt in the next episode?

  8. PC wins. The END.

    • Except in new periphial advances and general media identity. If I tell someone I have a Wii U, PS4, , or Xbone…that’s a name. A PC can be a hopped up laptop, a dedicated gaming dealer, or some guy on a tablet. PC gamers are like the bogeyman…legendarily powerful but not as casual friendly as a console.

    • I see PC in the console space like the Linux, you can do a lot of things and have a lot of control in a PC. But you have to be aware of tech and specs to be able to run games. In a bad sense that’s why its the most hardcore platform, since you need to be hardcore to be able to take advantage of a PC.

      Also it might be because I’m not from the United States, but Steam has mainly come to my knowledge because of the internet, outside of it I’ve seen any sort of publicity for that service. Even non gamers I’ve asked don’t know what Steam is. Or brush as being cumbersome to get into. I mean my experience, I know it has grown, just I haven’t seen it spotlighted as consoles are.

  9. I see the emphasis was not on facts, but humor. I get get into that.

    Fun fact: with PS1 and PS2, Sony really pushed towards a console that adults could buy just as well as kids, with allowance for more experimental and machoore titles (Silent Hill 1, Okami, God of War, etc.).

  10. The diversity in IPs is one reason I’ve always loved Playstation. Sure, they may not have an iconic mascot, but at this point I don’t think a mascot could truly represent such diversity, not that Sony hasn’t tried, mind you. As a gamer who gets sick of playing the same kind of game all the time, Playstation is a great fit for me. Besides, they’ve made far fewer decisions over the years that I’ve disliked than their competition has.

  11. Just a quick note on the “PC master race” nonsense…

    Often it is used derisively by loyalists to other platforms, in much the same way as “SJW” is still a thing apparently.

    Other times, it’s used self-deprecatingly, indeed I do not recall ever having heard someone sincerely self-identify using that term.

    My honest two cents? While PC gaming can alienate people through the expense and the screwing around with different modular software and hardware, it does have the advantage of raw power over everything else.

  12. I’m a PC gamer, but I have never been and never shall be a pretentious dick about it. It’s just my preference. Also, as a member of the Big Boobie Brigade since age 16, work that fantastic boobage girl! *does a little bounce and jiggle to show support*

  13. What I got from this is, “only British people are allowed to be experts on something. Fake British are allowed, but only in the department of video game studies.”

  14. You forgot to mention the countless shenanigans of PlayStation Network.

  15. Odd they didn’t touch on the whole Nintendo sticking with Cartridges with the N64. That was actually was one of the big reasons the original PlayStation was able to pull in so many of Nintendo’s formerly exclusive IPs because both the memory limitations and added costs cartridges entailed at the time and the Sega Saturn (also oddly not mentioned in this discussion too)didn’t get them because its development environment and kits sucked.

    Really Nintendo’s own failure to innovate and adapt had more to with the rise of the Playstation than Sony itself did at least until they made the Playstation 2 a DVD player. Keeping in mind at the time the PS2 cost about as much as a standalone DVD player and the DVD format was just starting to get real traction as the successor to VHS when the PS2 was launched which more than any other factor fueled its sales among gamers and non gamers alike cementing Sony as the undisputed and dominate leader in the industry but then the PS3 launched with a steeper than expected price, a lackluster launch library (due in part because of its more difficult development environment) and blue ray while beating out HD-DVD failed to take off as a medium the way DVD did so it failed to be much of a selling point. These factors ultimately cost Sony its undisputed market dominance and both Nintendo and Microsoft gained ground on Sony. That loss of dominance and the overall fragmentation of the gaming industry coupled with increasing development costs for 3rd party game developers is PlayStation 4 has so very few exclusive IPs.

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