The Console Wars: Xbox Gamers

For the second week of console wars, we take a look at the frightening world of Xbox Live with the Xbox Gamer.

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  1. The original console wars began with Nintendo vs Sega, PC Master-race wasn’t much of a thing then.

    But why is there mobile shown in the intro for? Mobile games shouldn’t even count. Only closest to mobile gaming would be Handhelds.

    Anyway, i have seen the first one and now this. Just seems pointless.

    • In a very real history of consumer electronics, the Console Wars is the driving force for innovation. Nintendo held on to the NES way too long and only developed the Super NES when Sega Genesis machine started nibbling at their market. From there, it was an arms race of processors going from 8-bit, to 16 bit to 64 and finally CDs. Controllers like the Wii-mote and the Kinect came about from our recent console wars. This fight between the systems is very influential in how and what we play in the near future.

    • Computer gaming was very much a thing in the 80s and the PC vs Console debate predates both Sega’s and Nintendo’s consoles. Also mobile platforms have more games then most consoles and mobile games make tons of money so like it or not they count.

  2. I honestly don’t care at all about online gaming.

  3. I own an xbox, but I don’t like playing online with people. I honestly prefer to be a solo gamer and keep to myself. The reason I don’t own a PS is because after PS2 I moved to 360 only due to the price of the PS3. I hear that the PS4 is better in price now, but I feel like I’ve already missed out on too much for Sony at this point and can’t go back.

    • It would be better to get a PS3 right now than a PS4. The library for the PS3 is huge and there is no backwards compatibility with the PS4. Wait two years to get a PS4 for 350$ or less and get a ps3 now. Also, I wouldn’t touch an Xbox One with a ten foot pole. Just say no. If you at all like Nintendo games, the Wii U is a the best choice this “Generation.” I don’t feel like any consoles progressed besides the Wii U, and it kept backwards compatibility. If you never picked up No More Heroes, it’s worth checking out.

  4. Playstation is everyman? Okay sure, why not… I guess PC-gaming can be a hassle or expensive to some people if you’re not wily about it.

    Nice assessment of the Xbox community’s “united front” of hostility there, makes a sad amount of sense…

  5. I’ve ditched keeping up with the times gamingwise. Well, I have a 3DS that I play a lot, but am mostly into collecting Gamecube games at this point.

    I guess that makes me a Nintendo fanboy.

  6. I’ve had a taste of X-box gaming culture and it is a bitter brew. It’s a short term gain long term lost kind of strategy. On the short term, as I guy of course I want to hold my own and punk the naysayers. It hits me right in the ego. But long-term, there is little to get me to come back. Trash talking isn’t the same as friendships. The crew I played with in Halo weren’t the same ones I rolled with in Halo 2 and so on. You can see this in all the gimmicks the latest X-box uses to get you to come back.

    Watchdogs should have been a great game. A sleeper hit like InFamous only with more hype. Instead, it met with apathy. Not even yelling and condemnation just a collective meh. Without a games drawing a large pool of players, you won’t have players to match up against compelling you to buy the games and practice at. The connectivity becomes a liability without the draw.

  7. I’d honestly thought he was going to say PC as the every man gamer. Considering there are more of us than any of the other platforms, with better graphics, better controls and better range of controls (you can use game pads and any number of peripherals). Superior backwards compatibility and if something isn’t backwards compatible, you can bet that if the game was in any way decent, someone has gotten it working on modern versions of Windows. I still play the original X-Com. It’s the only platform that has a thriving F2P genre (yeah there’s a lot of crap and shovelware but DoTA2, LoL, Archage and more than I can be bothered naming that are okay or great. I don’t really like MMOs myself). The online element of PC gaming tends to be superior and while you will of course get the raging douche-brah, the majority of PC gamers tend to be more intelligent and willing to help out others. Though MOBAs tend to be the exception but if you expect friendly people on that, good luck. Mods that completely overhaul games or let you play games based on TV shows like that epic Battlestar Galactica mod for Homeworld as an example. You also have the fact that we don’t have to pay for online multiplayer, games are seriously cheaper. Steam. Steam sales.

  8. This video explains why all tweens are assholes these days.

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      Tweens in video games I can see what you mean by that in the video game world there rude and they get mad at you for taking there kill. But I think I’m pretty nice myself.

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