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Why do we love conspiracy theories? Why do we believe unbelievable things? What is motivated reasoning? And are there really NO FORESTS ON FLAT EARTH WAKE UP???

Well…we’re attempting to answer some of those questions today.

Also complaining about research that requires all of five minutes on Wikipedia to debunk.

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  1. There is a TV Trope for an author’s insistence on the veracity of complete cowflop. It’s called “Dan Browned.” 🙂

  2. Toward the end of The Da Vinci Code, a seven-foot albino soaking wet from rain wearing only a loincloth and having been shot carries a bishop into an emergency room. No one in the EMERGENCY ROOM says, “Hey, that soaking wet seven foot albino wearing only a loincloth has a gunshot wound!” Now, when my family encounters a plot hole so massive that it becomes impossible to suspend disbelief any further, we just say, “There’s the seven-foot albino in this story.”

  3. I’ve never seen this movie before. I heard it was National Treasure with a religious twist. To answer one of the questions you brought out, I think that belief should be based on evidence. In fact, that’s why I’m religious in the first place.

  4. “The Da Vinci Code — Stuff You Like”. I’m feeling a huge disconnect in that title.

    “Giants with huge chainsaws” – Actually, I was thinking just one giant with a big ol’ axe and a pet blue ox.

    The Gospel of Mary – Up until a few decades ago, it was believed to be attributed to the Mother of Jesus, not Magdalene.

    The thing about the Gnostics is that they didn’t really care about real history at all; they only cared about spiritual truth, and that physical history doesn’t matter at all. It’s like you say: the Gnostics thought that Jesus was pure spirit and downplayed his humanity. It seems strange to me that, all of a sudden, we have to look to them for true history and to affirm Jesus’ humanity. It makes no sense.

    • “I’ve seen the curve of the earth from planes.” Ah, but how can you be sure it wasn’t a chem-trail induced hallucination?

      • That is not the point. Most people in medieval times lack even basic education like ability to read. They simply couldn’t use basic logic and believed in myth spread by authorities (like some people even today). Though simple fact is that spherical nature of Earth was proven in ancient times and many scholars did know about that (just it was risky to talk about that, as there was many creationist-alike people in the power who believed that there are elves in the forest and could kill you for denying that). Still people usually exaggerate believing in myths about medieval times.. like that knight run in oversize place armors and literally everyone was stupid religious fanatic.

        Ok, I miss your point. My bad. Though in reality nut-jobs usually simply ignore inconvenient facts. They most likely would bring some “sources” to “prove” that earth is flat and ignore obvious argument as less relevant then those.

        • I’m assuming you didn’t recognize the sarcasm in my post there. “Chem-trails” is a reference to another widespread conspiracy theory, that the government is spraying hallucinogenic chemicals in the air through jet exhaust in order to lull the population into submission.

          And I am aware that educated medieval people knew that the earth was round. It’s actually documented in church documents like the Summa Theolgiae. The myth about medieval people believing in a flat earth was created by a man who wrote a biography glorifying Christopher Columbus. However, Columbus was actually in error; he thought the earth was smaller than Ptolemaeus calculated, and for that reason thought he had found Asia.

  5. You made fun of the flat earthers to defend Christianity?
    You know, you can’t be a virgin and have a child right?
    But those flat earth-people are CRAZY!

    • with modern medical science you actually can be a virgin and be pregnant

    • Huge difference. The flat earthers are claiming – contrary to evidence – that the earth is now and always was flat. The virgin birth, on the other hand, is a miraculous event, something that doesn’t fit an established pattern. It is more precise to say that NORMALLY one cannot give birth when one is a virgin.

      The difference is that, in the former case, the flat earthers are denying actual evidence being presented to them. They are in outright denial. In the latter case, it is simply faith in what they believe to be a miracle. They trust the historical evidence (multiple written accounts and reliable witnesses from the ancient days) that the normal pattern was altered for one specific instance for a specific reason. If you go to a modern Christian and say, “I’m pregnant and I’m a virgin!”, they probably wouldn’t trust you.

      Bottom line: the latter group believes in a particular one-time event; the former deny the very nature of reality itself, despite evidence presented to them proving otherwise. Not the same thing.

      Oh, and quit trying to be so much of an asshole.

  6. Wikipedia did not exist the way it exists now back in 2003 when this book was written.
    Do some research!

  7. “Dan Brown is a writer of fiction…things that are not true”
    …Kinda like the new testament huh?

  8. Why do people believe in VACCINATIONS?
    You don’t have to BELIEVE in them.

  9. “What if we find out that a virgin can’t give birth….then our minds just shut off, because the church told me so… and I totally believe it because this is how I was raised.”
    That’s YOU Ursa.

  10. It’s also VERY important to understand that just because ALOT of EVERYONE believes something….it doesn’t matter to science.
    “I have seen the earth curve with my own eyes so I know that the flat earthers are wrong.”
    Have you ever seen a virgin birth?
    But yet you totally believe it. Why?
    Cause Gramma said so.

  11. You can see the curve of the Earth from ground level on a clear day by looking out over a calm ocean. If you need help, hold out a string and compare it to the horizon.

  12. I believe in Santa Christ, “Santa Christ, Santa Christ, we all love Santa, he is Santa and Jesus God Damn he’s Santa Christ.”

  13. For example I still believe in Unicorns and some Pegasi as great and mostly good horse-like or equestrian creatures and that has absolutely nothing to do with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, maybe they and maybe Dragons and Gryphons existed a millennium ago but were killed by us Humans sad to say of mostly White European origin who eventually were controlled by certain prejudiced branch Christian Roman-Catholic Church that sought to wipe up Paganism in general, Pagan or Polytheistic peoples (like White-skinned or Caucasian Celts of various lands as one example),and Pagan creatures or intelligent cryptozoological animals whom some of them could communicate in human language of what is now called myth and legend who may or may not have existed on Earth but were seen, claimed to have seen, befriended and cuddled, loved, and even sometimes worshiped them, I don’t know and have strong doubts if Centaurs or Pegasi really existed in Ancient Greece and elsewhere close by. Let’s just say The Spanish or the Dominican Catholic Inquisition and Teutonic Knight Order or just groups used black-armor helmet-covered clad knights to do their bidding or some evil Unicorn-hating Nazi-like hunter bully men of all human races with all their surnames being Hunters controlled and led by their hate-filled and possessed with a shard of unicorn horn stuck in her breast lodged in her heart that constantly wounds and heals her at the same time but gives a really painful immortality (but she still does age although slowly). Ladies and Gentlemen on the Internet or YouTube or somewhere for those who don’t know what I’m talking about, I present to you “The ever-wounded, ever-healing Beloved Hunter” and you can find her tragic backstory and a whole lot more in The Unicorn Chronicles books by Bruce Coville, 1. Into The Land of the Unicorns, 2. Song of the Wanderer, 3. Dark Whispers, 4. The Last Hunt, 1994-1999-2008-2010. Look them up, I think they’re quite famous book series, but a complex storyline? oh boy you have no idea.

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