The Dark Crystal – Here There Be Dragons

Nash looks back at the Dark Crystal. Jim Henson’s first big step away from the muppets, with the help of a few friends …

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    • I don’t use it because I know that without ad revenue we wouldn’t get content like this. Ads are just a necessary evil.

      Great video . . . even though I seriously doubt Nash will ever see this comment.

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        Yeah ever since TotalBiscuit started talking about how much ad block affects people I make sure that I whitelist. I mean if I cant afford to support people on Patreon its the least I could do. Also I like your scripted content so much better than unscripted stuff and kinda miss the old WTFIWWY sketches but I guess this new format is more popular/what your patrons like so c’est la vie i guess. Good shows either way.

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  3. Watched the ad, and I’m your patron! 😉 Because I love what you do.

  4. Still one of my fave movies. And I believe we should do Trial By Stone to elect our new President.

  5. Can’t wait until we get to FarScape.

  6. I don’t have ad-block turned on for this domain, nor do I have it turned on for youtube. For that exact reason.

  7. “There is no Muppet series on ABC” Hahahahaha! I SO AGREE!

  8. I love this series….keep up the good work Nash

  9. Have to agree that this movie traumatized me as a child. The ash bit wasn’t so bad. The eye, though, and the creepy spider-like designs bothered me. And still do, even if they don’t evoke utter terror any more.

    I will disagree about this being a pretty movie. To me, it’s still mostly shades of brown, mud, and stone. Not that it needed to be Pushing Up Daisies color-wise, but every time I see any part of it, the word that comes to my mind is dingy.

    Still, I admit it’s a classic and I love watching your reviews. Oh, and great Tara cameo.

    To chime in on the issue of ad bloc, I never use it. I figure I get a lot of things that are effectively “free” for the price of me watching a commercial. I think that’s a great price point, and I wish I could access more things that way.

  10. I genuinely love Dark Crystal, but yeah, it’s more for the reasons that I also love a lot of weird, esoteric animated films than the actual story. It’s a movie to watch and admire all the work and technical achievement that went into just how amazingly pretty it is.

  11. Tara’s confused appearance was unexpectedly delightful!

    As children, my oldest brother loved this movie. He even borrowed an illustration book of The Dark Crystal more than once from the library. It had its visual appeal to me, but I preferred The Labrynth and even Return to Oz, over this one. (Warning: I don’t know the proper spellings to their names, nor am I assed to go look it up as I type this.) The Skekzie Emperor crumbling violently was pretty disturbing to me at the time. Meanwhile, Master Mystic magical dusts away peacefully! Funny how those little tendril bushy beings didn’t bother me as a kid, but I found myself shuddering at the sight of them & their sudden, scurrying movements just now. I like how Augra is so old that she has a hard time moving about, yet she gets too close to that giant contraption just to evade one of its swinging arms.

    I remember watching a documentary about Jim Henson on PBS once; there was a segment on The Dark Crystal and how the pre-screening was met with an utter silence while everyone walked out of the theatre. That must have been so disheartening for Jim.

    Hey, I like Muppet Babies… Tho’ their songs kinda sucked around their last season :/

    • I think one of the reasons the film bombed so badly in pre-screenings was that the Skekses had their dialogue dubbed in a made up language with no subtitles. (Leaving the audience to try and guess what they were saying. Sure, you could try and guess what they were saying through context, but hearing these terrifying creatures squawking in a gutteral, incomprehensible language must have been disturbing to see to say the least.

  12. I don’t have Ad Bloc. However, for some reason I rarely get ads here, while I do get them in places like Youtube, Hulu and Crunchyroll (?)

    Anyway, I do like this movie. I find it very creative and well-done. My two problems were: all the deaths, and that the two main characters just looked fake (seriously, everyone else was OK, only the two kids looked like puppets.)

    I was far more traumatized by Dragonslayer. That was my first live action fantasy movie (in a theater) and I high hopes for it. I wasn’t expecting it to be such a brutal deconstruction of the genre.

  13. I don’t understand the stuff about branding at the beginning. Probably because I generally don’t care who made a thing or what name is associated with it. I’m interested in the features of the thing itself. Which is I use ad-block since most advertising is about selling a product because of what company made it rather than the features of the product or if I have a use for such a thing.

    Like with this movie, I didn’t know Hensen even worked on it. I remember it as the movie I liked for its creepy factor but didn’t really follow the plot nor was that invested in the ending.

    14:30 – Why is he telling her? Didn’t she get his memories in the mind meld? Did they only share embarrassing memories?

    16:00 – How does Gelfling biology work? Are they more similar to insects? Do they lay eggs?

    18:00 – Never understood why that guy exploded. Watching this review it now seems rather obvious. As I said I wasn’t that invested in the plot when I saw it.

    19:30 – I thought he had to plug the shard in before the alignment. During the alignment is too late.

  14. I used to have Ad-Block, though now I don’t after learning that websites and my favorite content creators need that to live and eat.

    I never seen this movie at all, and I guess I should be glad I didn’t. Looks magnificent, but looks boring to watch through. Kind of like seeing the Grand Canyon.

  15. Not going to lie I love this movie, I grew up loving it and I still love it. though it is a guilty pleasure now that I’m grown up

  16. Loved this movie, and the new Muppet series is awesome.

  17. I’m just gonna say it, this is one of my favorite movies. (Like, in my Top 20.)
    A lot of it has mostly to do with what Jim Henson set out to do with this film. Getting the talented and creative illustrator Brian Froud for the design work, the innovations with the puppetry and settings in this film, just the overall ambition required to create this world and make it seem as real as possible.
    That said, it doesn’t necessarily make it an GREAT film per se, mainly because of what you pointed out about the character development and continuous exposition.

    But there’s still a lot to admire about it. The story captured my imagination as a kid, it’s got an interesting symbolic message about having both good and bad in the world (long before “Avatar: The Last Airbender” came on the air), the very making of this film and putting it together is fascinating, and just its goals serve as the best illustration as to why Jim Henson is one of my heroes.

  18. Well clearly she doesn’t mean the all girls have wings, she just meant the girls of her kind.

  19. I have to say, i love this movie, but your appraisal of it was very fair.

    Also… Please, PLEASE reference a certain moment from Spaced for the next review. You really have to.

  20. This was a great video but I’m surprised that Nash didn’t mentioned that there’s a director’s cut of the Dark Crystal which you can’t find anymore. I have watched it not too long ago and from what I remember in that version there’s no narration, the Skesis don’t speak English and I think there are a few more shots.

    Here’s a link to an article about it:

  21. I had the (hand drawn) illustrated book first. I loved this story as a kid, even though I only saw it as a film once. But it was deeply scary, that’s true. I hated all of the wires attatching the Skeksies beaks and shoulders, etc. together like hospital IV lines. I didn’t like the swirly patterns on the Mystics. And I hated that pendent of Augra’s, the one that looked like a limpet stuck to her chest. Also, those beetle things and the draining of the essense were terrifying.

    That being said, I’ve never watched that muppet movie all the way through where Kermit’s brain was going to be swapped (because, once again, terrorfying). I turned the movie off at that point and have kept my vow for over 30 years not to watch it EVER AGAIN . ..

  22. Rocketboy1313

    It’s not playing on my computer either.
    Nor is the latest episode of Word Funk.

  23. Super intrusive ad…the video won’t play unless you watch some 2:45 minute ad.

    I hope this is a mistake and not the future of Youtube.

    • Because I mean I’d never want for people to be able to make a living.

      • Relax, man…

        I’ve been patiently sitting through normal length ads, and dealing with crappy playback on many vids on this site because of the intrusive ad-spam for quite some time.

        Get off your high horse.

        1) If I were using ad-blockers I wouldn’t be able to tell you about this in the first place. I don’t have a problem supporting content creators when it’s a reasonable amount of advertising.

        2) It seems fixed and I can watch the content now. I think it’s kind of silly to try and justify that level of pre-roll adverts for a short video.

        3) I doubt Nash had anything to do with what specific ad gets placed before his vids.

  24. I think that I was three years old when my parents took me to see The Dark Crystal.
    I loved it; but the scene of Kira getting stabbed to death, kind-of traumatized me.
    I mean, yes, they did bring her back to life, but that doesn’t changed the fact that she was brutally murdered.
    And she and Jen are the last two Gelfings alive, so that’s pretty much it for their species.

  25. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Good video Nash I liked isle of rangooons cameo in hagans equestria girls review andno that I watched them in your review I’m definitely gnna check out more of there work seems like something I would enjoy!!! Wasn’t expecting the Tara cameo since I thought you were gonna bring up a girl who’s a reviewer but it was a delight to see here in something besides wtfiiwwy live.

    On the whole muppets thing though why do people not like this series the characters are still true from and haven’t changes so what’s the big problem. I’m personally fine with the more adult tone but guess that just turned some people off I guess(but when you said on twitter that series was terrible I don’t understand that but I would understand if you said you didn’t like it).

  26. I’m sure I’m not alone in that while I recognize the many flaws in this movie, I still somehow adore it.

  27. I haven’t seen this movie in a long time, though I remember liking it a lot… though now I realize it had problems. Still appreciate the effort, though. (Also, I LIKED Muppet Babies!)

    Also, hey Sunny Jim and Starchibald! It’s always great to see those guys!

  28. I liked the Muppet Babies. Haven’t seen the new show, though. Well, at least Starch and I still agree on GoBots.

    There was some related material released, including a large set of graphic novels by Brian Froud that tells how the Crystal was shattered, and some manga-style stories set in the days when the Skesis began hunting Gelflings and some who fought back. They’re good stories, but you shouldn’t need the to follow the story. I love the world that was created and how they pushed the limits of what puppetry, both hand and suit, were thought to be capable of, but the plot could use some tiding up.

  29. I’m surprised Nash that there was no mention of the fact that this is one of the very, very few live action movies that has no human characters what so ever.

  30. I loved Dark Crystal me and my sister would do the Ex-chancellor a lot with more “Yessss,” or “Pleeease”. at random moments. Most people I know don’t get it.

    This movie had potential and I think with better writing for the characters it could have been a real hit. Either way, I still like it.

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