The Dark Tower – Angry Movie Review

Stephen King’s The Dark Tower finally gets adapted and hits the big screen! How does it fair?

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  1. I don’t remember it ever being mentioned what color the Gunslinger Roland is. I guess we just tend to assume he’s white because that’s what color most cowboy heroes were in oldschool movies and such. Idris Elba? No problem! I would just want the movie to be good.

    Guess what: there’s already a series in post production.

    • Well, considering Susannah/Detta calls him a “honky” I’d say it’s unlikely he’s black in the books.

    • Well I do remember that there were some comparisons in the book of Roland to Clint Eastwood (especially the blue eyes) in I think the 2nd or 3rd books and then later on looking something like Stephen King himself towards then end.

      Overall his skin color doesn’t matter beyond how it would have changed the Detta interactions if they were going to include that.

  2. Joe, while you work hard on your series, your fans just sit there and demand in anger for you to work on more angry game reviews. As a fan who likes to be entertained and as a rookie reviewer , I too focus on working on my videos, but am very cautious to put more quality than quantity. I understand you do the same with research, experience and tests for the games to finish your review properly. I hope you fight the good fight and don’t give in to the disrespectful fans. As you once said, “Never Give Up, Never Surrender!” Take that vacation, you’ve earned it!

  3. Eh, I just decided to watch the whole thing since I’m skipping this movie.

  4. From what fans said this movie isn’t exactly offensive, just it isn’t adaptation of any specific book. Best to describe it “inspired”.

  5. It’s kind of a shame, really, because I think there really could be a market for Weird West films.

    Straight-up Westerns are pretty much dead. They dominated Hollywood from very early on and only started to die out in the 70s. They were cheap, easy to make, and they carried a lot of cultural resonance with pre- and post-War Americans. To do a Western of any kind today, you really need something to set it apart.

    And that’s where Weird West comes in: Weird West is any combination of the traditional Western with any kind of speculative genre, be it science fiction, fantasy, or horror. It has the potential to present us with the Western aesthetic, but with a new flavor.

    We’ve already seen in recent times Weird West with sci-fi: Firefly, Cowboys vs. Aliens, Trigun, and – quality notwithstanding – Wild Wild West. There was Jonah Hex, which I suppose you could say had horror elements to it, but that one pretty much flew under the radar. And Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare. But here, there was a perfect opportunity to do a fantasy-horror Western, and I am sad to hear that it’s pretty much a flop.

  6. I was hoping this would be good but unfortunately they seemed to make it pretty generic, more like a young adult movie then a proper Dark Tower adaption. I think they should have made a more direct adaptation.

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