The Defenders – Honest Review

Finally! Marvel has Deployed The Defenders and ERod shares his thoughts.

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  1. ERod must really hate Arrowverse since he was shitting on it and it’s crossovers again for no reason when he got chance.

    • He does like the Arrowverse. He just likes to make fun of its flaws, and I do think Invasion is a worthwhile thing to compare the Defenders to.

      • Basically, I also like Arrowverse but it clearly do have flaws and way in which they executed they crossovers is debatable. I didn’t have issue with those as I watch all series outside iZombie, but I totally see why someone who fallow only one series or see those out of order would be confused as f**k.

        PS: I totally don’t get why some people (movieBob) hate Iron Fist and Defenders, outside clearly hipster thing.

    • Yeah, that’s him alright.

  2. yeah I enjoyed the 4 part crossover. I love seeing the characters interact especially Barry Oliver and Supergirl. Also the defenders had a whole series to play around with it where as the heroes in the DC crossover had 1 per ep of their shows then had to go back to their own storylines. Which they didn’t have to do here.

    • Still they way they made it (DC crossovers) could be confusing for people who fallow one series or watch it out of order. I would say that plot wasn’t issue itself but execution.. well..

  3. So, which rude gesture is this, huh? Does this show wave it’s private parts at Zack Snyder’s aunties?

    • The Real Silverstar

      Get over it, seriously. I swear, you’ve allowed Erod to take up space inside your head rent-free. He hasn’t talked about Zack Snyder for literally months, YOU’RE the only one still wetting yourself about it, and I’ve gotta ask: if you hate Erod and what he said about the DCEU so much, why are you still watching his videos and commenting on them? And if you’re not watching his stuff and are just coming here to bitch about the guy in the comment section, well, that’s even sadder. He’s moved on from Batman V Superman, why don’t you do the same? ‘Cause you know it takes a “special” kind of person to obsess this hard over something or someone they supposedly don’t like.

  4. I would probably see this if I had Netflix.

  5. “Perfect chemistry with each other”! What?! Seriously? What show were you watching? Oof. Clearly you liked this weak, lazy excuse for a show, with everyone phoning it in, including the writers. Sorry, I thought it was pathetic. I could go on, but suffice it to say I’m genuinely surprised you have so much praise for it.

    • Yup, because comic book TV series generally have better quality then that 0_0

      Obliviously it isn’t Jessica Johns, Luck Cage or first season of Daredevil, but it still is one of better series of this kind. So go away elitist hipster..

      This same goes about Iron Fist. It is fine TV series. Its score on Rotten Tomatoes is faux pas for all critic there.. 17 %? Seriously? Contradictory audience score over 70% speak for itself.. its Warcraft all over again. A totally fine series, hated by critic for no apparent reason.

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