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The rose tinted glasses of nostalgia can only tint so much…

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  1. I’m pretty sure that pizza truck had a trio of three-eyed aliens hanging from the mirror and a box of Binford tools in the back.

  2. First let me state that I was always a diehard Pokemon fan and still have been; but even i recognize Digimon outranks Pokemon as far as animes go. Can’t say for the games, exactly.

    As for the Digimon movie…I too was in the target age group when i saw this film, and it is by all means terrible and over the top insane. But it is memorable. Hell, you can see some similarities between Summer Wars and the Digimon movie.

    • Because the director of one of the shorts for this movie was the director of Summer Wars.

      That being said, the original shorts this movie is made up off are actually pretty decent. There are a lot of silent moments where no character speaks and only the action is going and it makes it sooooooooooooooo much better.
      The constant voice over just ruins a lot.

    • Ironically, as games go, Digimon predated Pokemon by almost a full year. A lot of folks claim that it ripped off Pokemon, but it was more of a Tamagochi ripoff at the time.

  3. Yeah, if you have the urge to watch this movie, go watch Summer Wars instead. It was basically Mamoru Hosoda taking the middle section of the movie (the Diaboromon part) and expanding it into its own thing.

  4. I still genuinely enjoy this movie, and not ironically.

  5. Oh god, Angela Anaconda is one of the worst things ever. And it seemed to be on TV all the fucking time when I was a kid. Just like those old woody woodpecker cartoons, you could not escape it.

  6. Krimzon_Mechanism

    The thing that i really liked about this movie was the art. Goddamn did i love it. The outlines, the detail, the combat, all was fucking awesome.

    Everything else is just terrible but the combat against the virus was just orgasmic to me as a child. And I was truly a fan of this series.

  7. Original shorts are actually good proving that Saban was missguided to even try to make those into one movie.

  8. Cinnamon Scudworth

    Right about now! Da funk soul brotha
    Check it out now! Da funk soul brotha

  9. lilith_ascennding

    Christ in a handbasket, Angela Anaconda still gives me nightmares. The animation is way too Uncanny Valley for me. Digimon, on the other hand, was one of my favorite animes growing up. The show’s characters and stories still stick with me all these years later and I look back on them fondly. However, I’m kind of glad now that I never got a chance to watch this movie when I was little. Thank God Mamoru Hosoda got a second chance with the superior film, Summer Wars. Now that’s an amazing flick!

  10. “Digimon outranks Pokemon”? Because it had more of a plot. I don’t think such superficial attributes automatically make a show better. Digimon may have had more character development and plot, but Pokemon, minus the large episode count, understood that less is more. Being more episodic with an overarching plot allowed for more adventures and faster-paced episodes. Digimon had to tell big chunks of arcs and dragged out many episodes because it clearly didn’t have enough plot to fill their target episode count. And Digimon tried to be so deep at times that its messages felt forced and preachy. But at least neither show is guilty of the ultimate form of obnoxious personality which is YuGiOh, a show where the fate of the world lies in a children’s card game loved by ancient Egyptions, ugh! Pokemon’s Indigo League is easily the best show among these 3 monster shows (4 if you count Monster Rancher)

  11. This really is a terrible, horrible movie, and god damn do I love every awful minute of the thing.

  12. How come NO ONE ever mentions how the virus digimon was not only smart enough but actually had that be a point in the movie to attack them while they’re digivolving?

  13. It’s weird seeing as how you consider the pokemon movie to be superior but not the actual anime. Yeah, we’ll never get a crossover. I never watched “Digimon” as a kid. I watched it for the first timeon YouTube while watching this review! The Nostalgia Critic and JesuOtaku were great at it too. I appreciate you referencing good memories at least.

  14. Looking back, I realize that both this and the first Pokémon movie are kinda… cringy, but at the time I didn’t care, I just wanted to see monsters battling each other… and yeah, that was what happened… those movies have issues, to say the least.

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