The Doctor Falls – You Know Who

The end of Series 10 of DOCTOR WHO and the end of either the Reviewer or the Reactor! Only one walks away.

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  1. So they send off Bill the same way they sent off Clara. Technically dead but still traveling the universe. Is this the 3rd or 4th reiteration of Jack Harkness?

    • It’s the fifth. Jack Harkness, Rose Tyler, Jenny (Doctor’s Daughter), were the first three.

      Still it’s better than being stranded in the past or marrying a person they just met.

      • Rose didn’t die to get there. Jenny died but was revived by somewhat conventional means.

        Jack – Died once and made unkillable by the time vortex.
        Rex Matheson – From Torchwood Miracle Day, contracted Jacks condition.
        Clara – Pulled from time to draw out the instant prior to her death.
        Bill – No longer human.

    • ThatManWithTheHeadband12

      Bill’s back for Christmas. And Rose isn’t traveling the universe. She’s in a different dimension living her life with Metacr-ISIS Ten

      • True about Rose, but RTD the former head writer says the deleted scene of the Doctor giving the Meta-Crisis a piece of the TARDIS, which will eventually grown into one is canon.

        I don’t consider it canon, but he does and probably others do too.

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