The Dom’s 50,000 subscriber milestone introspective

To celebrate 50,000 subscribers The Dom talks about how he started on youtube, joining Channel Awesome and meeting the other producers there, his favourite and least favourite episodes so far and what he’s got planned for the future.

About The Dom

Reviewer of games, TV shows and movies. The Dom also likes to look at film adaptations of books and talk about what got lost transitioning from page to screen.


  1. I remember when I first watched your videos, it was Coraline, and I was so surprised by your spot on analysis and commentary that I looked up the rest of your videos and watched them all. Now I check your page for updates as much as I do Doug’s! Your show is helping me become a better writer because unlike all of the other youtube critics, you don’t just harp on why something is bad, you really delve into what makes something good. If my book ever gets out, I’m sending you a copy!

  2. Hey Dom, if you do move to Los Angeles I am a teacher in a school in Hollywood, Helen Bernstein. We are opening a magnet program (special program where students can pick the school from anywhere in Los Angeles) for Media and Creative Arts. If you would in any way be interested in contributing to our program (officially starts in 2018-2019 school year) let me know the best way to contact you.

  3. Wow! Congrats on hitting 50,000. O.O It’s good to see that things are going well for you. 👍

  4. TragicGuineaPig


    You prooved the justice of our culture.

    Now go and rest our hero!

  5. Congratulations on all your success! Here’s to many more years of LIA!

  6. Vincent Bastookami

    I love your lost in adaptation episodes The Dom. Keep on doing more.

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