The Dove Foundation Reviews JESUS, BRO!

Brad reads and reacts to the Dove Foundation’s review of JESUS, BRO!

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  1. Congratulations! XD That is AWESOME!

  2. I don’t think these are my kind of people; I know, shocker: The idea that different expressions of faith being okay is a bad thing goes beyond the usual stupid “I luvs Jeesus, Now gits out of my way!” into plain old missing the love and soul of Jesus while heading into Old Nick territory.

    It’s silly to be offended by what is essentially a movie knocking the Ned Flanders of the world but to pick out all those little bits as making the movie bad or unwatchable is just flabbergasting.

    While this is obviously not a family friendly movie, neither is Kirk Cameron’s schlock. Neither is a movie about an abusive husband who doesn’t really get the help he needs (After all, The Lord helps them who sit on their butts and do nothing) nor a film about a pervert who sexualizes every contact with grown women and is romanticized for it (Jane Eyre was written in the 19th century; Shakespeare’s works, 250 years before that: How “old-fashioned” are they going for?). Heavy-handed and empty-headed films are not appropriate for ANYONE, which is the very raison d’être for Brad’s movie.

    I love God; I love Jesus: This is as natural to me as breathing and as life-sustaining. I do not like (I don’t want to use the word hate here but, boy, is it tough not to) the sorts of people who feel that common sense, real love, and simply living to be a truly good person because it is the right thing to do, not as some express pass into heaven, are divorced from Christianity.

    Bare shoulders? Really? These guys tune out episodes of The Simpsons and MASH, don’t they? Dens of iniquity those shows are.

  3. So a high dove score is a bad film. Going by that trend I smell Oscars for Jesus, Bro.

  4. The Mysterious M

    Sarah plays god? Going the Dogma route huh? That’s awesome.

  5. I have ordered, own, and watched this great, but absurdly peculiar feature film.

  6. I actually love this movie in all its absurdity and scientific logical impossibility, implausibility, yes there are religious inaccuracies that may be counted off as blasphemy sort of. But how can one any woman on planet Earth getting pregnant and having freaking 19 kids? come on that’s freaking ridiculous, physical impossible on planet Earth for any human woman, what is she and insect or a gerbil?

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