The Dread Gazebo – WTFIWWY Live

This week: you can’t go back in time to stop yourself from carjacking a Delorean, stealing toy money means real jail and the most powerful cow in the world…

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  1. Man,that cow must have the DT of a Fog Crawler.

  2. You know, this is my first time watching this show. … What have I been missing?

    • Naked people running amok and ill conceived crimes for the most part.

    • (tilts head back and laughs evilly) MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. A lot. A LOT a lot. Going back to at least 2011. I say “at least” because even in that very first episode, they ALREADY have in-jokes and past-story references. (And Nash’s original radio version goes back WAY farther.)

      Tons and tons and tons of Nash, Tara, and various other Channel Awesome/That Guy With the Glasses people snarking brilliantly (and, in Tara’s case, often frighteningly) about the best in the worst of human stupidity.

      And a LOT of it involves genitals.

      If you are seriously interested in archive-diving, however, I highly suggest you just look up “WTFIWWY” followed by a year number from 2011-2016 on Youtube, because Nash’s own channel is all out of order and has nothing from before 2014. And all of the episodes featuring JesuOtaku just happened to get…”forgotten”…during the big Blip-to-Youtube switch…(I get WHY (nasty breakup), I’m just kinda disappointed that Nash _didn’t_ break expectations on that one.) If you don’t want to miss around 20 entire episodes, you’ll need to look up OTHER people’s playlists. I mean, that way you miss the kitten strip club conversation, the Booty Call Ninjas, AND the violent Oompa Loompa gang!

      …I’m totally not kidding.

      Anyway. _I_ know the gazebo story and I was DYING LAUGHING on the floor. With a sword no less. A _sword_, not a gun or anything more modern. A sword. Things lke the original gazebo story can totally happen; I’ve been at a D&D session where somebody kept cautiously approaching, trying to figure out how to attack, and freaking out over a Glyph of Warding. A glyph is a LETTER! A rune! He totally thought it was like a gryphon or something. Attacking the Darkness: One 10 x 10 room that “seems empty” at a time.

      And I am VERY surprised that Tara didn’t use that cow story to point out that see, she was right, _every_ animal in Australia IS dangerous! Even the peaceful, slow cows!

  3. Well, DeLoreans aren’t necessarily that endangered. When they stopped production, they still had warehouses worth of spare parts for those cars that restorers still peruse. Not to mention the molds still exist, so they could conceivably make new body panels if they so wanted. In fact, there’s a desire to put the car back into production for a limited run of a few hundred units using the left-over parts. Still a dick move to wreck one, though.

  4. “Just poundin’ it.” Someone’s been watching Jimquisition.

  5. To be “that guy”, there are breeds of where the cow has horns (though they’re generally smaller than the bull’s horns). Still impressive, though.

    Is it just me, or does Tara’s husband (to be? Not sure if they’re hitched yet) look like Hodor (RIP)?

  6. @29:44 No that is an X-Cow

  7. Three words on that last thought in episode: Old Man Henderson.

  8. Hey Nash, what fruit cup lid is it? I’ll send ya a whole bunch just for Grady!

  9. And i have to agree with Tara; cats make way more money.

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