The Dresden Files – Here There Be Dragons

Nash and the Nostalgia Critic team up for a request from a very special fan …

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  1. The intro version of ‘Over the hills and far away’ gets me every time, it’s so good 🙂

  2. Yeeaahhh. This show: The Dresden Files books = The Last Airbender movie: AtLA the show. It’s baffling, weak, and insulting.

    • Pretty much. I’m a recent fan of the books and was surprised to discover that there had been a TV show too. So I went to have a look and found myself rather disappointed. Sure, you have to adapt to a new medium, but there IS such a thing as a bad adaptation and this is one of them. Not Last Airbender bad but certainly mediocre.

  3. Fun Fact: They were also trying to avoid parallels to DC’s Constantine film when writing the script for adapting Storm Front. Considering that it was meant to be a Film budget first, or a least 90 minutes runtime for a TV pilot, yeah this show got screwed.

  4. VidMe is being downright ridiculous tonight. I’ve already tried three times to watch this, and I still can’t get it to play more than 2 seconds before it craps out again.

    Adaptation: Where’s that The Dom guy?

    Okay, seriously, GET A BETTER VIDEO PLAYER THAN VIDME! This thing combines all the annoyances of Blip, DailyMotion, and Springboard all in one!

  5. Big fan of the books never saw the tv show because I was afraid it was just going to disappoint.

    • That’s probably for the best. You really have to be able to put your expectations aside and accept a huge host of changes to buy into the tv show after reading the books, at least in my opinion…and that’s coming from someone who enjoyed the show.

    • If you compare it to the books yes. Otherwise it is a fine show. Not an awesome one, but decent. It is just underwhelming.

  6. My gods/ess Jim Butcher also watches NC?

  7. I never read the books and liked the show when I saw it back in the day. It was fine, and I think people are too hard on it.

    • I have much the same attitude; without the books to compare it to, the Dresden Files show isn’t bad and I was disappointed when the show ended without getting picked up for a second season, which is why I turned to the books to get my Dresden fix after that.

      Once I’d read the books, I could understand why people were so disappointed in how the TV show turned out; I still find it a bit hyperbolic that people will call the show a travesty, as though it slights the books in some way.

      Like NC said…you don’t have to like both, but one does not in anyway devalue the other. They are separate entities, each with their own high and low points, even if one is an adaptation of the other.

    • Nah…the problem is that it could have been it’s own thing and it would have been fine. I’ve read the entire Dresden series…and it’s a big ball of “What could have been.”

      It’s a disappointment, like the Hobbit movies after seeing what Jackson was capable with the LOTR trilogy, or The Dark Tower being mediocre after knowing how great the novels are.

  8. @17:04 I second Nash 😉

    • You mean Rob is both a Zombie AND a Dinosaur now?

      EDIT: HA! Rob Zombie Dinosaur!

  9. Is there a term for Nerd-Rage Cockblock?

  10. Vidme is so broke, it’s not even funny….can’t watch….

  11. I’m probably in the minority here in that I watched the show before I ever started reading the books; in fact, it was the show that inspired me to read the books and ultimately I like both versions of Dresden files, although I admit I enjoy the books a lot more than the I did the show, even when I originally watched it.

    There’s plenty of stuff I liked about the show: Paul Blackthorne’s more noir-detective take on Dresden, with really only hints of magic here and there; Terrance Mann as Bob was honestly a delight; and I even liked the mix of stories from the books with original stories in the line-up.

    But ultimately, Jim Butcher’s original work is more enjoyable and immersive by LEAGUES: a larger cast of more interesting and well fleshed-out characters, an increasingly deep world lore the further along the series gets and just a greater sense of fun, even when things are getting desperate and serious during the course of the stories.

    My recommendation is always the same to people who are new to the Dresden Files; watch the show first (if at all) and then read the books…because the show is definitely going to be a disappointment if you’re looking to see the world of the books in a live action media.

  12. I’ll agree changing things for adaptation purposes is fine. Especially in a low budget show like this but there is changing shit for the sake of changing shit. The hockey stick and drum stick thing is a pointless change and the beetle thing is a pointless change. This show is jam packed with crap like this.

    My favorite is that the actress playing harry’s GF would have been fine as Karin Murphy and the actress playing Murph would have been fine playing Susan. Just weird decisions like that annoy me.

    • My contention is that after a certain point, why bother “adapting” and not just make an original show that does what you want it to do?

    • I think I’m in the minority in that I don’t mind the tv series so much, at least not what I’ve seen of it, despite having also read the books. I think its alright for the most part and can stand the changes…but the one with Susan and Karin baffles me too. You decide to make the dark haired Latino woman blonde and white and the blonde white woman into the token minority of the series…what? Did someone get the character profiles swapped round?

  13. Big fan of the books too

  14. It’s kind of sad, the timing is all wrong for this adaptation.
    Since the show aired in 2007, TV has changed a great deal.

    Now, we’ve seen Television can support series like The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Preacher, American Gods, Orphan Black, and Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.

    Perhaps someone wanting to make a serious, big budget faithful adaptation will negotiate something with Jim Butcher?

  15. The Mysterious M

    I didn’t know how much I wanted this team up until it actually happened.

    Also that 16-bit version of Mystery Skulls’ “Magic.” More of that please

  16. The show was awesome…………until you read the books, which are waaaaay better, holy shite Jim Butcher is a fan of nostalgia critic! O_O

  17. Are you sure Jim Butcher is gonna get to see this? At least quote him in a tweet to make sure.

  18. Oh, so Conan the Barbarin less succesful brother goes next? Sweet!
    I didn’t even knew they made a movie about him.

  19. Wow, I had no idea that Syfy pulled a Firefly on poor Dresden Files. Also, I actually kind of liked the show. I know it could have been much better, but actually I stopped reading the books around book 4, though not through any fault of the plot or anything, but I have discovered a loathing for books written in the first person. Harry dives so far into navel-gazing and being mentally shitty to the people around him that I start wishing that the books gave us some other character’s perspective so I could get away from Harry’s ridiculous self-pitying.

  20. The big problem with Hollywood {and TV} constantly ripping apart source material when adapting it is that those of us who were/are fans of said source material were waiting patiently {sometimes for decades} for that adaptation and we know it may be decades more before we get another –
    I was 10 when I first read Elfstones of Shannara for instance, I was 39 when I watched MTV Butcher what I still consider the greatest book ever written!

    And don’t tell me it doesn’t matter for Comicbook Movies either – Comicbook fans all want the perfect adaptation of their perfect series, non fans {those who know the characters from other adaptations} also want to see the character adapted how they perceive it.
    This allows each new adaptation some leeway but not much – Val Kilmer and Michael Keaton are similar enough in appearance that it wasn’t a big problem but you wouldn’t try to have Sylvester Stallone or Bruce Willis play Batman! Never mind Danny DeVito or Richard Kiel!
    Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield may not be twins but they both still fulfilled the requirements {nerdy and bookish} for Peter Parker.

    We can accept small changes and sometimes larger ones too – Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, Michael Clark Duncan as Kingpin both show that even a Race Change can be seen positively when the change makes sense.

    But sometimes it’s the little things that need to stay the same – I personally found it very very hard to accept Sean Bean as Richard Sharpe because Richard Sharpe is a Dark-Haired Londoner while Sean Bean is a Blond guy with a heavy Sheffield Accent! {At the very least he could have DYED his hair!}.
    I had no such problem accepting Sean Bean as Boromir however because neither accent nor hair colour mattered to that character.

    A Female James Bond makes no sense – Make a new character, don’t try to piggyback on an existing one! {It’s not like James Bond clones are rare beasts}.
    Adrian Lester or Idris Elba as James Bond? I’d have no problem accepting that casting!
    In fact, for me, either would make a better Bond than Daniel Craig!

    I understand that people who haven’t read the books can enjoy a movie that those who have read the books will hate but I’m fed up of the fans of the books being treated as second class citizens – We’re the ones who wanted the film/TV Series made in the first place NOT the general moviegoer! And you can’t be certain the general moviegoer will even like your adaptation anyway YET you make absolutely certain the fans of the book/video game will HATE it!
    The people you KNOW will go are the ones you treat the worst! The ones who will then turn round and give terrible reviews which the general moviegoer will see!

    Stop treating the fans like second class citizens – Stop making changes in adaptations that aren’t necessary! If a change is necessary or actually does make the film better than it otherwise would have been the fans will notice and in general accept that change.
    When the change is unnecessary the fans have every right to get angry AND WILL DO!

    If Sean Bean won’t dye his hair black to play Richard Sharpe then CAST A DIFFERENT ACTOR! {Heck I’ll accept the accent might have been beyond him but dyeing his hair black for the role is most certainly not beyond him!}.

    And for goodness sake – Amberle and Eretria were already very strong women in Elfstones of Shannara – You didn’t need to Mary-Sue them both while simultaneously weakening the character of Will Ohmsford MTV!
    Though tbf that’s probably the least of the problems in that show!

  21. Having watched the show, I get more of an “Angel” feel from it than a “Supernatural” one.

    Maybe that’s just me.

  22. Oy, the way Nash described the broadcast issues reminds me of what plagues “Crusade”, the Babylon 5 spin-off.

  23. Nash is infinitely a better speaker and jokesmith when takes are involved. Well done.

  24. Yay, Nash is back..

    And yes, the biggest sin the TV show committed was being mediocre.

  25. Holy shit how long ago was this filmed?

  26. I disagree with the critic.

    When you watch/read something and think “This would make a pretty good movie” THAT is what you want to see. You don’t want to see how they’ll tone down the violence, you want to see THAT. You don’t want to see how they’ll get around the sex scene, you want to see THAT. You don’t want to see what shortcuts they’ll use to get around showing the monster to save money, you want to see THAT.

    Yes yes changes in adaptions are necesary and unavoidable, but generally, the more seriously the director takes the source material, the better the movie is.

  27. Why is the screen SOOOOOOO white ? Light wasn’t adjusted ‘before’ filming ?

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