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  1. You know, its awful movies like this that eventually killed 2D animation in cinema.
    First we had Norm of the North and now this movie. Even the most famous animated studios don’t seem to be at their peak. DreamWorks is now a sinking ship, and Pixar nowadays is either hit or miss.
    I’m just saying that animation in cinema has reached a very low point before in the 1970’s, and it can happen again if studios just keep coming out with garbage like the Emoji movie.

    • The Real Silverstar

      I’m not defending this movie by any stretch, but saying that movies like this is what killed so-called 2D animation is quite the reach. For one thing, it’s erroneous to say 2D and 3D. 3D is a visual perspective, not an animation style; even computer generated animation is still being displayed in only 2 dimensions unless otherwise specified, in which case you’d need the goofy glasses. A more accurate description would be hand-drawn animation VS computer generated imagery (CGI).

      Also, the decline of hand-drawn animation in movies can be blamed on lack of support for them by both studios and audiences. If more people went to see hand-drawn animated movies, and said movies made more money at the box office, then studios would make more hand-drawn animated movies. Whether they deserved to or not, and regardless of why, the Shrek, Cars and Hotel Transylvania movies raked in more $$$$ at the B.O. than The Princess and the Frog, The Triplets of Belleville and The Winnie the Pooh Heffalump Movie did, so studio execs interpret that to mean that CGI films make more money. If one wants more hand-drawn movies, then more people have to come out to see them, but studios aren’t going to bother making more hand-drawn animated films if they don’t think people will come out to see them. It’s the old Catch-22.

      Anyways, this was just a lame, rotten, creatively bankrupt movie that was the soulless by-product of committee thinking; a boardroom full of 35-year-old corporate suits who think they know what kids think is “cool” because their pie charts and focus groups told them. How it was animated doesn’t fit into the equation. This movie could’ve been rendered in 6 dimensions and it still would’ve sucked.

    • This was just a bad movie. There have always been bad movies and there will always be bad movies. How it was animated is completely irrelevant. If this had been hand drawn, it would have been a bad hand drawn movie. Honestly, was anyone expecting a movie about living emoji to be good? Really?

  2. Strangefacts101

    This movie is just paint-by-the-numbers. There are some funny sight gags, a few clever jokes, and some nice animation; but it’s mostly just a low-rate Lego Movie mixed with Inside Out, but replace the intellect with toilet humor.

    THe only reason people treat this like the end-times is because everyone hates millennials.

    • That’s clearly not the reason why people hate this movie.

      Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Sony created a movie about Emojis?

      • Strangefacts101

        …and Warner Bros made a movie about Legos and are making a Minecraft movie

        • Lego is a beloved franchise that has had plenty of fan films made on YouTube before Warner Bros picked it up.
          Same with Minecraft.
          Emojis are just avatars on your phone, that’s it. Making an entire film on them was a waste of time and effort.

          • Legos: There was already a huge library of Legos video games, and animated movies based on the Lego video games. The shift to making feature films wasn’t a huge leap for them, as the franchise had already proven successful.

            I can’t imagine a Minecraft game being that good. Like Emojis, it just strikes me as something that doesn’t lend itself very well to a structured narrative.

            Besides, we all know how video game movies go. They’d probably make the Minecraft movie about some guy in space fighting evil talking pies.

  3. I’ve never seen this movie yet but OMG it sounds bad.

  4. Yeah, this movie sucked. Most of us already knew that it was going to suck, but people need to stop acting this one movie is the first sign of Armageddon. It’s not. Listen to what Brad said in the video: This is just a bad movie. This doesn’t mean that every movie made after it is going to suck. There have been bad movies as long as there have been movies. The animation industry didn’t come tumbling down after Food Fight. It’ll survive this.

  5. ha, more people want to watch you tear down the emoji movie than actually SEE the emoji movie

  6. Steve the Pocket

    You’re telling me that an emoticon saying “Ow, my colon” isn’t funny to you? The delivery must have been shit, then, because it made me laugh when you said it. Or maybe it’s less funny when you have the visual right there in front of you.

    Anyway, that Noah movie you mentioned is called “Oops! Noah Is Gone” (somewhere; it was made in Europe and had different titles in both the UK and the US, so I don’t know where it’s called that in English) and it has the most bare-bones Wikipedia entry I’ve ever seen for a movie. Please tell me you plan to do a Cinema Snob episode about it. The cast includes Amy Grant, so it must have been intended as a legit Christian movie, so there’s your connection.

  7. Just saw it and hated it. I still find “Foodfight!” to be worse. This was at least animated better. I saw it online. I didn’t even go to a cheap theater. I didn’t even want to pay any money at all to see it.

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