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It was a sitcom that launched a Transformers star, but is their movie a good representation of the series? Doug takes a look at The Even Stevens Movie.

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  1. The sister was another role portrayed by Romano (The Cadet Kelly movie you just reviewed).

    Between Even Stevens, Kim Possible, and these Disney Channel movies, Romano was just as big a Disney star as Duff.

    She’s done a couple of Hallmark/Lifetime movies since (and a couple of Christmas Hallmark/Lifetime movies that they are showing this month).
    Christmas All Over Again
    Christmas With The Andersons

  2. I loved Even Stevens. It is so stupid that it circles back to being funny. I would say that this is an accurate representation of the show but the show had more high school (or was it middle school?) drama. Although, if you didn’t enjoy this one much, I don’t even know what you’ll say if you do the Proud Family Movie.

  3. I heard of this show. I never watched it. I never got into Disney sit coms. I don’t think most people did. This review was nice. Merry Christmas!

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