The Evolution of Piccolo – A Dragonball Discussion

Piccolo has evolved a lot over the course of Dragon Ball. From the devil on Earth to its most laudible hero, Piccolo has come a long way on this, the eve of his birthday. So let’s celebrate the Namekian and discuss how he has changed!

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  1. You didn’t mention mercenary Tao, he predates Piccolo as the first og dragon ball villain to provide Goku with an actual challenge. He couldn’t fly but he certainly travelled in style aboard his self propelled concrete pillar.

    • Krimzon_Mechanism

      Agreed, I actually forgot about him, but he is truly unlikeable as a villain, I remember that he was really the most threatening character and his design also made him look truly despicable.

      However, I do also remember that Demon King Piccolo was beyond ruthless and had really powerful henchmen who did kill some characters and made me feel awful about it.

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