The Fairly Oddparents – Shark Jumping

Tim & Beth look at the boy in the silly pink hat who uses fairies to avoid growing up, to figure out when his story jumped the shark.

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Hosts Tim & Beth break down the best, worst and strangest TV shows to find out when they jumped the shark.


  1. I was never a fan of Disney Channel’s “3 seasons max, no matter what” policy, but sconsidering where Spongebob and Fairly Oddparents have been going, I start to see the merit

  2. Yeah…Poof was the definite jumping the shark moment. At that moment, I was just like “Jeez, let the show die!”

  3. I remember watching this show and stopping a good while after Channel Chasers. I forgot the reason why I stopped watching, I felt like it was more of me growing up and unable to watch TV as much as I used to. But I went back one day, saw Poof, went “Huh” then resumed not watching of the show, knowing I’ve now had to much to catch up on. I remember seeing commercials for the movie and feeling a little dead inside, but it was when they announced the dog I finally realized how far they are taking the show and not in a good way. Wasn’t aware of the new girl next door though…
    Super awesome review though!

  4. It ended with Channel Chasers, like how Spongebob ended with the first movie and Futurama ended with Fry and Leela officially getting together at the end of Overclockwise.

  5. Wait, if the Fairy God Parents are with Timmys children, doesn’t that mean that their lives are miserable??

    • I think it was meant as part of a joke that we all turn into our parents at least a little bit, in Timmy’s case much like his parents it’s not that they’re bad people it’s they’re over worked and sometimes should make more time for they’re kids, also they are unaware of how awful Vicky the babysitter is, who in the future has made babysitter robots based on herself

  6. It jumped with Poof. Every time they add a baby a show goes downhill.

  7. What about Spongebob? When did it jump the shark?

  8. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Well this certainly felt rushed but it was still good!!

  9. No guys it wasn’t the baby. The baby was fine. When the dog came that’s when thinks went to shit.

  10. I’ve been saying for a long time ., that this show has jump the shark going from it’s simple premise to sheer luncity.,,,

  11. This was my favorite cartoon as a kid, yet even I consider the show irredeemable in its current state, and this is coming from someone who TOLLERATES the live-action movies!

    As for the jump the shark moment, I argue it was the introduction of Sparky the dog, not only because it felt like a full confession that the writers have given up, but also because the episode immediately preceding it would have been a great ending point. The episode “Meet the Oddparents” had Timmy’s parents learning about his fairies. This plot device was merely used for shock value in the past, but this episode explores it in a clever and even semi-heartwarming way. Check it out if you can!

  12. Oh my god, I forgot about the good stuff. I got so acustomed to being annoyed that the show is going on the path it is that I completely forgot it was awesome at one point

  13. Never seen this, considering how downhill it went, I’m now glad.

  14. I’m glad I never saw the revival series….

    On another note, is it just me or is this episode LITERALLY of lower quality? Like, it seems grainy and I didn’t see much improvement going from 480 to 720, or ANY goin to 1080…

  15. So when they added Poof, they jumped the shark.

    When they added Sparky, the Jumped the shark of the shark.

    Now that they’ve added Chloe, can we say they Jumped the shark of the shark of the shark?

  16. Heh funny enough I was thinking of one of the earlier and better episodes earlier today funny enough.

    Man this show was seriously one of my favorite shows as a kid and that theme song made me feel really nostalgic for it…

    But then I see all the fucking crap that happened later and I feel really sad.

    I left the show exactly after Poof because that whole episode appalled me in so many ways and Poof was such an annoying character.

    I thought that was the worst thing and now I hear about the dog and the movies???

    Man what happened guys seriously what happened.

    I feel so bad for Daran Norris too XD He’s seriously one of my favorite voice actors and this is just too depressing.

  17. Consider Danny Phantom, another fun Butch Hartman production. A great action packed and all around entertaining series that had a solid run, and had a definitive end to it. I cannot fathom why they couldn’t have let Fairly Oddparents end in the same manner.

  18. Wait, in that little flash-by of “golden era television” you didn’t seriously compare The 100 to Breaking Bad, Mr. Robot and Orphan Black did you?
    Don’t get me wrong, The 100 is a great fun to hate-watch, but it’s paper thin zero-development characters and cheesy plot is nowhere near the standard of those other shows.

  19. Legend of Korra’s ending was partially by choice, partially by low ratings. I was fortunate to see a small panel featuring Mike and Bryan last year, and they said they would much rather not work the long hours required of them for a decade. Forget who, but one said jokingly that he had to hold in the urge to throw something at a fan who said he wished Avatar went on forever. Those TV animation hours aren’t for the faint of heart.

    Fairly OddParents in my opinion still held up well. I didn’t think Poof was a bad addition. I never watched Sparky episodes, but I watched the Chloe episode on TV thinking it was a one-time episode story. It wasn’t until afterwards that I realized it was a permanent new character. I liked the idea, but the execution currently is a bit iffy. x))

  20. Great to see you’re back (also belated congratulations: I wasn’t able to comment at the time of the magician video 🙂 )
    1:21 what episode was that from by the way?

    Ahhh, Fairly Odd Parents. the show I have fond memories of…not being allowed to see (not allowed to see any cartoons like this. Not that I minded as, despite thinking the premise looked kind of cool, I hated Jimmy as a kid: the one episode I saw, he didn’t care his mom and friends were changed since it suited him just fine and only got upset when it was threatened the godparents would be taken away. Jerk. and the Dad didn’t even care his wife was gone; this whole thing was so wrong on so many levels.) And Cosmo got an my nerves, I found the magic and lack of consiquence annoying as hell and sorry, but the themem song sent chills up my spine.)
    If others like this show, more to you and I don’t mean to be trolish since, after all, I only saw one episode; I just hated what I saw

    07:04 died inside too; but I really don’t want to think abou them…geting it on. Uggh, feel so unclean!
    6:22 we are knee deep in some Psycho shinanigans here. Wow. even though I don’t like the show, it’s annoying they messed up the relationship since barley any adult shows have functional marriges anymore. By the way… Mel Gibson Hamlet?
    7:24 gaaaah!! Don’t need to think of that!!
    12:08 yeah, we’re in a good time: not so much reality TV anymore (but I don’t recognized any of the live action shows shown). But kid’s shows…yeah, that Star Wars Rebel’s pilot stunk! Majorly! And little kids shows have nose dived with poor character, lame stories and horrfying morals: Jake and The Neverland Pirates, Henry Hugglemonster and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood to name a few Though the others I need to give the other’s a shot and I liked Avatar and the new Scooby Doo show (shipping Fred and Daphne and Shaggy and Velma since before I could speak so it hit the right button: I hope they got it together). Still a MAJOR geek for those old cartoons even though I think they could have used some characterization and variation from formula (a problem plaguing kid’s show to this date…sigh…)

    Great review, especially the summery of the moral at the end; the movie so could’ve done something like them, with his harshly realizing how much he missed as a child and how he needs to grow up. Such a story would be so poignient with kid show cartoons

    Loved the post credit’s sceen; you guys are insanely cute!!

  21. I can agree that they jumped the shark at that moment after hearing your explanation but rather than end at that specific point I’d still rather they altered the order of some of the movies and made channel chasers last Since I really liked a couple of them.

    I don’t remember exactly when I stopped watching but it was almost certainly before Poof, I hardly remember him.

  22. I have to disagree on continuing past Channel Chasers being the Shark Jumping moment. The feeling I took from it is that, just because you know something is going to end that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy it while it lasts. The show has most definitely jumped the shark and lasted far too long, but I don’t think that that’s it.

  23. I actually have a really weird memory regarding this series. It used to air (for a certain period of time) in my area with no voices. The music and SFX would be there, but not the voices. It was really weird. I recorded a few episodes. I probably still have them on VHS somewhere.

    I dont know if it was my TV or if everyone in my area had the same thing happen or what.

    Anyone else experience this phenomenon?

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