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One of the first cinematic vampire comedies isn’t as funny as Roman Polanski wishes it were. But it did inspire a popular musical.

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  1. It should be pointed out that Polanski case is highly unclear and could be similar to accusations of Pedophilia regard Michael Jackson who was acquitted after all. I don’t want to speak about case itself because I don’t have proper knowledge about the it (though Poland refuse extradition being otherwise conservative Christian country strict regard pedophilia) but I simply need point out that this story has symptoms of witch hunting. Palankiny was in States temporary and when he was accused he simply was outside the country. Obviously we could argue if he should fly to foreign country to stand before unknown trail, but I wounder what you would do if that would be for example a North Korea? Point is that he didn’t do that and that was generally the main reason why States insist on putting him in jail, because otherwise case would expired anyway. Anyway, point is that this case is clearly too shady to make proper judgment on internet.

    • TragicGuineaPig

      From what I understand, Polanski was found guilty and was about to be sentenced, when he accepted a plea bargain from the prosecutor for a reduced sentence. However, he got word that the judge was going to reject the plea bargain and give him a full sentence anyway. Now, if there was a plea bargain on the table, I think the court should honor it if he ever does submit himself to serve his sentence.

      The comparisons to Michael Jackson don’t quite fit, since MJ was never actually found guilty in a court of law. Instead, he settled out of court on those occasions he was accused. Polanski was found guilty in court and just fled before sentencing.

      • As I said I don’t know the details. But what surprise my is for example the fact (I made my research here) that extradition request isn’t in the Polish court (and it isn’t that people in Poland even like him). Why? Didn’t they prove of his guilt? Or maybe they never really have a prove on the first place. Also generally no one made plea bargain before being sentenced, what is another odd thing. Generally those are made when they don’t have yet proper prove but generally it is matter of time to find one and no one want to drag. So why make such before the sentence? Maybe judge try force such on weak charges what tend to happen in case of black people for example?

        Also as far I recall he was legally on the festival out of States and simply didn’t comeback on trial. So it wasn’t that he try jump over the wall or something. Anyway what is worth to mention is that whole case happen in 80’s when Poland was still formally a communist country, so there are people suspecting that whole thing was a case of red parania when court was bias simply attempting to put “red” in the prison (even if he never was really a communist). I don’t even like him, and probably he has some perv tendencies so it could be something. But still many stuff in this trail simply don’t add up and it look from perspective like it is only based on principality.

        I mention specifically Jackson as example how media can destroy person reputation. Initial accusation was originally because he find missing kid in amusement park, and help him find parents but they sniff money and accuse him of kidnaping and pedophilia. That accusation was disproved quite fast via park monitoring, but case was taken by media and he has series of similar accusations what torment him almost until end of his life until all cases were drop.

        Anyway case when suspect walk on street in countries what has extradition deal with USA for few decades is more then weird. And I don’t believe “cause he is rich” argument because many far more rich and famous people were deported and sentenced. Usually those cases are cleaned before reach media or higher instances, but when famous person walk on street despite accusations (especially if he has multiple charges like in this case) it usually end to be media lynching with either false or exaggerated accusations.

        Anyway I’m not saying that he is innocent, I only say that whole case is shady.

        • Yeah, you’re right about the media destroying MJ’s reputation. It’s becoming a much bigger problem these days, with cases being decided in media rather than in court. The courts have rules they are supposed to follow in which evidence and witness accounts are presented in a way that they can be examined; news media have no such rules and can publish whatever they want. It’s a problem.

          The details about Polanski’s case can be read on his Wikipedia entry. Apparently, the plea bargain meant he plead guilty to sex with a minor and was undergoing psychiatric evaluation as part of his supposed sentence; he had plead not guilty to the stronger charges of rape and sexual assault. However, the judge in the case leaked that he intended to sentence Polanski to 50 years prison (I’m not sure how lawful that would have been, but keep in mind, the judge more than likely had access to evidence that had not been presented to the public). Polanski fled the country to avoid sentencing.

          • As I said I don’t judge the case, only state my doubts about weird circumstances around it. For example usually it is a prosecution who intend to put in jail people with court playing the role of neutral arbiter. It is unusual to be other way around. Also generally plea bargain aren’t prove, but agreement. You can’t sentence someone on fact that he agreed on such because it only mean that he accept punishment, not that he make testimony.

            Also there are so called circumstantial cases when people are sentenced despite lack of proves but due to sufficient amount of clues. The thing is with such that they are hard to sustain in appellation despite being lawful sentence, and fact that States didn’t make extradition application suggest strongly such case. If judge was prejudged toward him I generally would be not surprised why he decided to flee.

            And as I said already those evidences clearly weren’t presented to anyone. From what I see it look more like a case when he is pursued more because he run, not because of the case. From what I read Polish government even debated about his extradition but whole case died because there was no application in the court. That is more then weird because American government couldn’t not know about that, yet they did nothing anyway.

  2. Don’t believe or take everything you hear about Roman Polanski’s sexual violation of a minor allegations art face value, it all happened only once in 1977, and nothing is all true.

  3. Nothing is all 100% true about Roman Polanski, and besides at 40 years these charges should be dropped altogether.

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