The Film Den: Top 5 Things I Hate About the Silent Hill Movie

Get the fire pit ready. Dena finally gets down to business in regards to the bane of her existence: The Silent Hill movie. Insert comment about Pyramid Head and sexy faceless nurses here. (Warning: movie and game spoilers all over the place)

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That’s okay, I’m a big Silent Hill fan and I didn’t like it. I think it’s a bad film with alright imagery, but also generally not good for fans of the original series.

the notorious white moth
the notorious white moth

Funny thing about #2: witches weren’t usually burned, they were drowned or hanged. Burning was generally reserved for heresy or sexual immortality.


My dad looks like a biker and he go threw hell and back for me and my siblings so bull on Harry not making sense

Prelim Patrick
I hadn’t realized there was a Silent Hill movie and I’m glad I missed it. I’m more of a Resident Evil fan, but I have not been able to get through even 10 minutes of a single movie. That reminds of this kid who started at my job who had a black car. The car was decked out with decals that said “Zombie Response Vehicle,” had an Umbrella Corp. logo on the side, and bloody hand prints randomly. This is a little strange for the place I work at, but I was willing to give the kid a chance since… Read more »