The Good, the Bad and the Walmart – WTFIWWY Live

This week: A New York cyclist learns a big lesson in “Right of Way,” when not to smile for a photo and what not to do if your neighbor’s house is a’rockin…

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  1. Militant bicyclist ? Do those actually exist ?

  2. Ericthebearjew1


  3. Kitties! I was so looking forward to the new kittens to add to the cuteness of Grady, or as I like to refer to him, “Funny Background Event Cat” (Thank you TV Tropes!)

    Also, does anyone else but me want to slap the women in the second story? Mothers of the f’ing year right there…

    The story about the Walmart is pretty awesome, if not oddly convenient. Well, reality is overrated, anyway.


  5. They look so cute!

  6. NightmareStationAttendant

    OMG! ITTEH BITTEH KITTEHS! XD i wanna hug em c:

  7. They say that having kittens fight like this is how they learn that biting and scratching can hurt, so they learn to not do it to their humans so much.

  8. It’s really funny with all the cats. Especially a lot of times, both Nash and Tara basically turns back, in sync, to berate their cats. :3

  9. That cowboy was TOTALLY waiting to lasso some varmint that was up to no good. And you know what, I salute the hell out of you buddy. If I was the bike thief, I couldn’t even get mad about that. Also, I bet the horse was already saddled – it probably takes at least a minute or two to get a horse saddled, and that’s assuming he’s okay with you doing it in a hurry. I bet he’d totally be ready to ride bare-back to rope that hooligan, if he needed to.

    • Also, Albuquerque dude – headphones, Rick Assleak. Headphones and like anything else in the world that accepts the headphone jack. CD player, MP3, PC, you can even stick it in your ass, and listen to your flatulence in stereo! It is an unbelievably clever and low-key investment, that has nothing to do with serving prison time! Like seriously, I WOULD encourage you to just go to jail and not be a nuisance to people, but then that means MY tax dollars have to go towards your meals and livelihood. Just get the headphones, you inbred git!

      • Honestly, I am dumbfounded that he thinks by going to jail he would get away from the sounds of people having sex…….has he ever WATCHED a prison movie or hell any episode of “Oz” ?

  10. I work in fast food. I carry a knife while on the clock. If you think you can just attack me over the speed of my service, I WILL FUCKING END YOU.

  11. Um, guys, I’m…I’m pretty certain the one with the women who assaulted the McDonald’s employee is a fake. They’re all holding the same card, the camera is at different angles, and the prison system wouldn’t let them pose for their mug shot. Y’all are usually better at spotting fakes, and this one is pretty easy as fakes go…

    • Er, scratch that. The department actually put the pics on their G D Facebook page…friggin’ unprofessional cops/corrections officers actually let these entitled b****** POSE in their mug shots…

  12. I looked up why the guy would start a fire to escape the noises made from sex. Another story reported he is mentally handicapped according to his father. He had had a stroke 7 years ago that required part of his brain be removed, so his reasoning is not working properly. Poor guy… 🙁

  13. Yay! The Kittens! 😀

    I was there for the live show but had to watch again just see the adorable kittens some more! 😀

  14. Nash’s cat hunt his preys by drowning them. :3

  15. President nothing! How about simply: ‘DON’T CROSS PATHS WITH A MOTORCADE!”

    I guarantee you that 10 to 40 vehicles vs one equals either chaos or chaos and victory for the motorcade.

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