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Introducing The Google Clone.

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Home of the 100% honest series. A comedy show that focuses on the the culture of gaming and those who are apart of it. A social experiment on learning about different types of gamers as well as CEOs and their various companies.


  1. LOL !
    I don’t use google and I don’t follow google so I have no idea what that was about, but it was awesome. 😀

    • You are aware that it is You Tube video? Scynet own you..

      • “Google it” much? No, no I don’t. I use Bing and it works just fine.

        I tend to forget YouTube is owned by Google even though I actually do use it quite often. I don’t follow Google news or its products and services, obviously. So, since I still don’t understand what all the clones are about, care to help me out? What am I missing?

  2. disembodiedvoiceofreason

    So who smoked a ton of grass and then started filming? This was hilarious.

  3. ”Google Clone”

    My immediate first thought was ”Do I need to worry..?”.

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