The Hall Of Presidents: So…Now What? – State of the Parks

Some Jerk With A Camera finally awakens from his five-week scream coma to reflect on how the terrifying new world order will affect Walt Disney World’s Hall Of Presidents.


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  1. Prepare for the controversy, everybody!

  2. Crossover Princess

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, 2016 straight up sucks!

    I mean come on! No one thought this was going to happen, but it did! Gravity Falls showed what should really happen when someone like Trump would run for office… but then got that completely wrong! And LONG BEOFRE THAT The Simpsons made a joke about President Trump… they even said “It sucks to be right” on a recent Chalkboard gag.

    Granted the other reasons why I said 2016 sucks are more personal… but still this is a really sucky year…

  3. Dude, both candidates were awful. Hillary should have gone to prison and Donald Trump should be sent into a Psycho Ward.

    We were fucked either way, with a lying, cheating criminal on one side (who’s ONLY positive trait was being competent as politics) while the other was an incompetent, racist dumb ass who has no political experience.

    There is no way to spin either side as ‘good’. Hell, I would be still complaining even if Hillary won because she snuck her way to the nominee. No different from Trump.

    • The Real Silverstar

      Nah, I don’t buy that. I know Clinton wasn’t squeaky-clean (heck, show me a politician who is), but the difference is that Hillary didn’t run a campaign based on hate, fear mongering, racism, homophobia and xenophobia. Her biggest mistakes were completely failing to connect with working class whites and pushing the DNC’s ideals of diversity and tolerance over the economy and national security.

      My biggest fear and regret over the results of this brouhaha is that Trump, while stealing the hearts of the working class white folks, he has also (whether he did so intentionally or not) caused a ton of racists, sexists, homophobes and Islamophobes to come crawling out from the caves they’ve been hiding in, believing that now it’s cool to hate and preach intolerance and Neo-Nazism again. And yes, I’m fully aware that not all conservatives are bigots (one of my best friends from school is a conservative and he’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet), it’s just that someone embodying those traits isn’t a deal-breaker for many of them.

      We live in a country where courtesy should prevail, but lately it’s been replaced by division and one side hurling rude and crude remarks at the other simply because they play for the other team. This is what I truly fear, and it needs to stop. It’s not politically correct to be civil. It’s just courteous.

      • SomeJerkWithACamera

        Exactly. And Heart-Lightning, if the choice is between a competent politician and an incompetent buffoon, I’ll choose the competent one no matter HOW many private email servers she has. Period.

    • …You do realize even in your flawed logic, you basically have admitted that Hillary was still better, right? You’ve stated her only positive trait was experience, and then listed off nothing but bad stuff for Trump. How would that have made her “no different from Trump”? Even if they *were* both bad, you’ve clearly made it clear they’re bad at different levels!

      And here’s the thing, too — the things people are trying to tar Hillary with are things that have, in fact, been more proven in Trump’s case than it has hers. “Lying”? Even the right-skewing website Politifact ranked Trump as the worst liar of the two, by a MILE. “Cheating”? Trump proposed that Russian spies should hack Hillary’s emails — an act paramount to treason — and won this election not by winning the popular vote, but solely by the Electoral College, the results of which even now are lost in a plum of confusion smoke. “Criminal”? Trump has a LONG history with the justice system — over his long career in business, he has been accused of housing discrimination, fraud, violation of tax laws, violation of casino rules, tenant intimidation, bribery, and several counts of rape. He was even convicted of hiring undocumented Polish immigrants to build Trump Tower and paying them less than minimum wage for their work! And this is on record, in newspapers — this is not something you can find on some conspiracy website or been garbled out by one of Fox News’ talking heads.

      I hate that people still try to say that Hillary would’ve been just as bad. I do not think Trump supporters would’ve been scared for their lives and their family’s safety under a Clinton presidency, not the way that Muslims, blacks, Latinos, and LGBT+ community members feel under a Trump presidency.

  4. Let’s be honest here, folks. Hilary Clinton did not run a good campaign. Heck, I knew that it wasn’t good and I voted for her! Mind you, that was mainly because Bernie Sanders was no longer running.

    Hilary made no attempt to connect with blue collar, working class whites, she was more concerned with causes rather than discussing important issues like the economy, and by the end, her campaign was mostly concerned with trying to make Donald Trump seem unfit (which was unnecessary, since the Trumpster did a good job of that on his own). Trump is as much a real Republican as tiddlywinks is a real sport, but he knew the right things to say. Too bad he chose to deliver that message in the most hateful, racist xenophobic, ass way possible.

    You know that it was a bad campaign if the obnoxious, loud mouthed, morally bankrupt, sleazy con man seemed like the more attractive candidate.

    • SomeJerkWithACamera

      But he DIDN’T seem like that, to the popular vote. Hillary got the second-most votes of any politician in history, trailing only behind Obama in ’08. Her biggest mistake was not paying extra-special attention to the rust belt, but the Democrats haven’t lost the rust belt since the 80s so I don’t even blame her for that.

    • Failing to connect to the White blue color working class? So you’re saying POC, LGBT, and people of other faiths didn’t matter in this election? So you’re perfectly fine with non-white people to get their rights taken away and be treated as second class citizens? Because that what’s at stake during the Orange One’s term: So many people will suffer through this but hey, if you’re a straight, white(Mostly male) person then you’ll be okay! UGH…

      • The Real Silverstar

        Kindly don’t put words in other peoples’ mouths. No one here said that the LGBT or people of other faith’s rights didn’t matter; I’m a POC and I’m very concerned about what may happen to the diverse Americans…but it was the rust belt’s votes that put Adult Montana Max into office. People aren’t being dismissive or non-inclusive for pointing that out.

      • “So you’re saying POC, LGBT, and people of other faiths didn’t matter in this election? So you’re perfectly fine with non-white people to get their rights taken away and be treated as second class citizens?”

        No, I never said nor even implied that. Show me one line in my previous comment where I said that and I’ll give you 100 virtual dollars. I’ll have you know, sir or madam, that I happen to be a POC, so why would I believe that I have no dog in this fight? That’s a lot of conclusion jumping that you’re doing there. As a POC, there’s no way in good conscience that I could ever back a candidate who’s supported by the KKK. That would be like finding out that Hitler thinks you’re cool.

        I’m just saying that one reason why the DNC lost this year’s election is because the rust belts felt that they were either being ignored or looked down upon by the Democrats, which is why many of them voted for Team Orange. I’m not saying that it’s right or justified in anyway, but that’s what happened. People need to keep in mind that diversity means EVERYONE is included, not everyone except white people.

  5. I almost wonder if Hilary had taken Bernie as VP, would that have given her an edge in a possible win. Just speculation.

    I honestly disliked both candidates, but of the twos evils, at the very least, Clinton is/would have been the more politically competent choice that we could survive with for 4 years minimum. Trump, however? I just don’t fucking know.

    And if anyone is familiar with assassination trends when it comes to presidency, 4 sitting presidents have been killed whilst in office: Lincoln (16th); Garfield (20th); McKinley (25th); JFK (35th). 2 attempts that only resulted in injuries were T. Roosevelt (26th) and Reagan (40th).

    …it shouldn’t take long to notice an eerie pattern regarding every successive 5th/6th president. And Trump’s definitely got a large bullseye target on him. And though I may not like him, I dislike his VP, Pence, much more.

    So don’t die on us for the next 4 years, Trump. Ya filthy animal.

    • SomeJerkWithACamera

      Bernie as VP certainly couldn’t have hurt. Hillary had her flaws, and one of the biggest ones was her inability to swallow her pride and actually practice all that “Stronger Together” stuff she preached.

      I have plenty of issues and severe disagreements with Pence, but I would still trust him in the Oval Office roughly 1000x more than a raving maniac like Trump. At least Pence isn’t an authoritarian who doesn’t even respect free speech. Plus, Pence would be FAR less likely to win in 2020. The worst Pence would likely do is overturn social justice laws, which would suck hard, but eventually we could undo that damage once a few more SCOTUS justices retire or die. If Trump bumbles his way into a Russian coup or a war with China or something, that’s not nearly as reparable.

      • I would love Trump to get impeach. Though, sadly, Pence would still be a bad choice(Due to my sexuality and such). But seeing Trump’s picks for White House staff of racists and homophobes, I’m beyond frighten and don’t know if we can overcome this atrocity. The future is extremely bleak.

  6. I’m not sure what makes America look worse: all the people who voted for Trump, or all the people who whine because they didn’t get their way.

  7. SomeJerkWithaCamera, you are now my favorite channelawesome producer.

  8. Check out the alt-Left coming out. Delicious.

    • Yeah, who’d a thought that bigotry, racism and hate mongering would be some peoples’ hot buttons?

      Once again, we have someone confusing common human decency for political correctness. I’m not always PC either, but there’s a difference between speaking your mind and spewing out hate speech. I get that you on the right are tired of political correctness, but being anti-PC doesn’t give you free pass to act like a rude asshole with no tact whatsoever. If you think it is, then you’ve completely missed the point.

      Liberty is the luxury of self discipline. Only the mentally ill and the immature just say whatever comes into their heads without thinking first.

    • The Real Silverstar

      So human beings who just want to be treated and acknowledged as human beings and be given the same amounts of decency and respect are a movement now? I clearly never got that flyer.

      FTR, I’m a centrist who sees and acknowledges the flaws and conceits in both the left and right ideologies, but as an African-American I can’t stay quiet when there’s a hint that peoples’ basic rights could be in danger.

      If you’re tired of hearing about how diverse live matter, that’s nothing compared to how tired diverse Americans are of having to say it.

  9. I feel your pain man, and I don’t even live in the states. Beyond any kind of political lines, a morally bankrupt con artist like Trump absolutely does not deserve to hold the highest office in the land. As far as I’m concerned, the president should be held to Captain Picard levels of morality and human decency.

  10. The tradition of sitting president must have a speech is only 3 presidents long? How about you just scrap that tradition and put Trump in a badly lit corner and ignore him. It would be like ignoring a fart at a meeting. Not ideal but don’t make a big thing of it. Disney is pretty good at trying to draw your attention away from shitty stuff.

  11. Let’s see.. Hillary Clinton is a woman who cheated in the primaries by using unelected “electorates” who were sworn to choose the appointed candidate selected by the shadowy undemocratically chosen heads of the democratic party and STILL came so close to not getting chosen that they had to undeniably rig the California election, for which at least one of the dictatorial heads of the “democratic” party resigned in shame. This is aside from all the shady stuff it is well known she does.

    Donald Trump is a corrupt businessman who has some of the more regressive ideas and chose a damn creationist as his VP. But, hey– he got chosen in a revolt against the “establishment”. Then again, he is also known for shady stuff.

    So far Donald Trump has chosen for all the government positions a bunch of shady and ethical-challenged business people who run pretty much counter to the very positions they are being appointed to…. and we can be damn sure that Hillary Clinton would have chosen much the exact same people. She too was in the pocket of Wallstreet such after all.

    It turns out that Trump may have been helped by Russian hackers and well before that came out, Hillary supporters who are so angry that their shadowy puppet-masters of the Democratic Party didn’t just get to appoint whomever they felt like to the presidency much as they presumed they had the privilege of doing, have been plotting to try to rig the electoral college to get the win anyway– after all, rigging the electorates is what got her the nomination in the first place.

    Anyone who thinks there will be any measurable policy difference between Trump and Clinton though has got to be pretty ignorant of their respective histories. Trump spouts more garbage, but the people who are actually going to be making the policies are the same as those who would be making them if Hillary were the face. The only difference is going to be which businesses whose interests run counter to those of the American people are going to benefit more.

  12. The rest of the world already lost when the Democrats choose a warmonger.
    At least now we can be friends with the Russians.

    It’s also very hypocrite of not respecting the upcoming new president. A lot of Democrats were very angry when Trump was speculating he would not accept his loss if he were in that scenario. Now look at them. Raging as if the world is on fire but they are the ones who are destroying cityblocks in their ‘protests’.

    • The Real Silverstar

      “The rest of the world already lost when the Democrats choose a warmonger.”

      “Well, Hillary did bad stuff too” is a really weak counter-argument. She wasn’t elected Prez. Trump was. Both candidates have red on their ledgers, it’s just that Trump supporters refuse to acknowledge the similarities between the 2. Plus, we’ve had plenty of warmongers in Washington loooooong before Hillary.

      “It’s also very hypocrite of not respecting the upcoming new president.”

      Washington Republicans would sure know a thing or two about hypocrisy (by the by, ‘hypocrite’ is a noun, not an adjective), what with how they basically pitched a hissy fit when Obama was elected and spent 8 years vowing to take him down, opposing him tooth and nail on everything, refusing to work with the guy even a little, and then complaining about all the stuff he didn’t do. Pot, kettle.

      Regarding the ‘respect’ thing, while I didn’t vote for Don, I don’t want to see Trump fail, because the USA is my country too and a failed Presidency is bad for ALL Americans, but you really can’t blame some people for not wanting to show respect for someone who’s practically made a career out of disrespecting other people. You get back what you give out.

    • And there’d be an equal amount of people on the right yelling, ranting, raving and protesting in the streets if Hilary had won. If you claim otherwise, then Cleopatra isn’t the only queen of denial.

      And yeah, Hilary Clinton is the war monger, not a peacenik like George W. Bush, right?

      People need to stop acting as if one side is inherently morally superior to the other; there are banana balls extremists on both sides. It’s very easy to sit up on your high horse and claim moral superiority when your guy won. I’ve seen some sore losers in my time, but extremist Republicans are sorest *winners* that I’ve ever seen!

      Also, like I said earlier, let’s keep in mind that King Donald isn’t a real Republican; he’s a con artist who used Republicans’ fear, hate and paranoia in order to get elected.

    • Clinton is a warmonger?

      Didn’t Trump want to force Mexico to pay for a [quite ineffectual] wall to be built? Didn’t he also want to essentially invade the Middle East for their oil supplies? How about his constant insults to Hispanic and Arabic people? Or how about the fact he said he would utterly refuse the results should Hillary have won? Or the fact he encouraged his supporters to assault opposition? Or his constant attacks against news reporters?

      How is none of THAT warmongering?

  13. I did vote for Hillary, but I do admit. I think one of Hilary’s biggest mess ups in the campaign was not really focusing on the economy.

    I recall my bro telling me that a lot of Pennsylvania was FURIOUS at Hillary for wanting to completely shut down coal production, which was one of their biggest livelihoods (besides cows). So a lot of them did jump to Trump because of that.

    I think if she did put just a little more focus on economics, particularly on how it would affect state-to-state, she would have been a sure-in.

    On the other hand, Indiana HATES Pence and guess who is VP?

    Fucking politics this year, everyone fucked up in politics this year and now WE have to deal with the fallout.

    • Yeah, I figure I get some thumbs down.

      I wanted her to be president guys, but we gotta admit shit got messed (even by her).

      I know people voted for Trump because “Well he’s a businessman, and we need a businessman to help with the economy” . . . but I think people forgot is that Trump is a BAD business whose only real claim to fame was a reality TV show. He filled his cabinent with the most self-centered richy rich people, and that’s going to hurt us. Not ot mention he seems gun-ho with mixing business and politics together too.

      So while I in the agreement that Hilary had a weak to possibly no economic plan, I’d take that over a guy with a TERRIBLE economic plan anyway.

  14. I think when Hilary was selected as the Democrat Nominee, the Democrats practically handed the election to the Republicans even though both candidates are awful. Don’t believe me? Listen to A Tribe Called Quest latest album. Even though it was released recently, it was completed last year with many songs that have sentiments of a Donald Trump win and its aftermath.

    I personally feel like this should be a positive; I’m hoping Democrats’ bubble being popped and hopefully get their heads out of their asses, that they will looking at reality and actually think what they are doing instead of thinking they would win. When Donald was winning, I felt like that SNL skit from Chappelle with my Democrat friends.

    I can’t blame Green party and Libertarians. If anything, it’s the people who didn’t vote. It was a low turnout election.

  15. I’m still holding out hope, not much, but some hope, that the shear number of supporters for the Electoral Collage to recast their vote for someone else can prevent Trump and his cabinet into power.

    • You and me both.

      Dumb question: Would Hillary have the power to change the Cabinet should she somehow come to power?

      • Smart answer: He’s not even president yet, so none of the people he’s chosen for his cabinet have been appointed to any position. Officially, he doesn’t even have to name anyone until after he’s inaugurated, I think, but it’s traditional to get people ready for what’s to come. Hell, if I were running for president, I’d pick my cabinet during the campaign and run as “Team Schmo” rather than “Schmo/Suchandsuch” because I believe the people deserve to know what they’re getting into.

  16. Not my fault, I voted for Bernie ;D

  17. Damn Jerk guy aren’t you being very unreasonably hostile already? You will hear me out you Liberal freak. You’re extremely biased and unfair to many people like me from New York City.

  18. Aren’t you an American citizen as an American Jewish very pale white guy? You clearly don’t care about your own country do you? You are the liar you Disney-sucking dickhead comedian? I’m Jewish and Russian and I had to make sure my former country (Which is not the Russian Federation but Stupid Neo-Nazi Maidan Ukraine) does not launch a misguided, suicidal, genocidal invasion of the Russian Federation through this NATO nation if Hillary Clinton won the Presidency. You Tony are very unfair to most American citizens and you know it, you’re in reality if not online a terrible individual. What have you done to benefit the mankind of North America anyway productively? You’re a liar Mr. Goldmark, Liberals can lie, really lie a lot more than Republicans. Suck it up and start acting like a real human being who’s even more whiter and paler than me, stick to your real critical job and shut up you colossal early Scrooge, spewing bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

  19. You really are too much.

  20. You’re a traitorous raving, paranoid, brainwashed, non-Kosher tuna fish and sauerkraut sandwich. Only you’re the one sounding like a crazy, unrestrained, person who’s only shining star is being a Disney fan who’s a critic of it. Somehow your methods and ideology still does not mix well with those of the House of Mouse (Except when you reviewed Jean Cocteau’s La Belle et la Bette (1946) with Jeffrey Katzenberg’s Beauty and the Beast (1991) back-to-back Alan Menken musical-rip-off with original lyrics comparison and contrast review with Brows Held High guy Oancitizen Kyle Kallgren. Yeah I remember that all too well, in fact I downloaded from YouTube using YouTube downloader and even burned all three parts it on my recordable, rewriteable DVD. I am your fan but you are being unfair in your crude political assumptions based on Democrat Liberal propaganda. Donald Trump mostly or usually speaks the truth, you don’t have to like him, but what you’re saying we Russians or Russian-speakers or older ones (older than I am) including Jews are not people as well as those Mexicans and Muslim refugees, maybe even culturally better and in diplomatic behavior. All human beings are different but it seems you don’t like Slavic people very much Tony or own white Jewish people if some are Republican and conservative, look in short two wrongs don’t make a right. I love Putin because he’s a great speaker to his people, he actually speaks to his people directly and even individually sometimes more Democratically than your stupid Hitlerite Islamofascist Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama whom most countries and their leaders wished they drop dead already for spreading Islamic terrorism and fucking up this wretched world. It is they who are Globalist criminals not Trump you Liberal gay idiot. I know things like George Soros who probably paid you to act and speak like a total disrespecting, anti-humanist jack-ass.

    • Yeeeah, do just have no life to live if you need to harass people for being something you are not?

      Honestly CA needs a banning feature.

    • Are you off your fucking meds, or something?

    • SomeJerkWithACamera

      Sorry it took me so long to respond – I was too busy swimming around in all this sweet George Soros money.

      You’ve been leaving hostile comments on my CA embeds for years now. You don’t seem to like me or my videos very much, and yet you keep coming back to them instead of doing literally anything else. I dunno what the fuck is wrong with you, but whatever it is, good luck with it.

  21. I say put the new robot in, and if you don’t want to see Trump in the Hall Of Presidents, DON’T GO TO THE FUCKING HALL OF PRESIDENTS.

  22. Can I say that I’ve watched this over and over and still find it somehow comforting and very very hilarious? I’d love to see more political stuff from you, this was one of the funniest things you’ve done since your Beauty and the Beast review. Thanks man.

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