The Haunted Mansion Movie Part 2 (w/ Count Jackula & The Horror Guru) – Some Jerk

Some Jerk With A Camera, Count Jackula and The Horror Guru continue their review of this 2003 Eddie Murphy mess!

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Boo im first take that RockmanX3

  2. Crossover Princess

    Oh man… that was great… I loved the Gilbert Godfried version of the Haunted Mansion and the Part of the Your World Parody… both were great!

    Also they’re just keeping the trains at the stations while they’re down? Cool… a little weird, but still cool…

  3. Around the 8:50 mark you guys made a point about Gracey and Elizabeth’s race. You had problems with the story setting up a white man and black woman in 1880s Louisiana. While slavery was indeed practiced in antebellum Louisiana like the rest of the south, Louisiana was actually unique in racial relations.
    Typically, racial couples were very rare in the south in the 19th century due to two centuries of racial segregation (dating back to the aftermath of Bacon’s Rebellion in 1676 in Virginia) and slavery. Racial mixing was not ok. Louisiana, however, was more open to racial mixing. It entered the Union and became a state in 1803. Before it had been a Spanish and then French colony. Spanish and French colonies had different racial attitudes than the Americans. Throughout the 18th century, for example, the French authorities enacted laws to protect slaves from excessive working conditions and abuse. The colony also had a large free black community (some of which owned slaves as well). It was perfectly reasonable, though discouraged in well-to-do circles, for the white and black communities to mingle. This mixing created the Louisiana Creole ethnic group.
    When Louisiana became a state, these attitudes carried over. The racial lines did tighten. The upper classes discouraged racial mixing. Mixing still happened, but now with the idea of “whitening,” which meant that the whiter a person, the better.
    With “whiter is better” in mind, a Gracey-Elizabeth union could have occurred. Like the film said, such a union would have been discouraged as a poor mach, but not outright prevented. If Gracey was a low or middle class man or a creole instead of a wealthy upper class man, few people would have really batted an eye. What would have been scandalous for a lower class person is if the couple appeared white and their child was darker skinned (as in Kate Chopin’s “Desiree’s Baby”). And that is only because the couple appeared white, rather than mixed.

    • SomeJerkWithACamera

      Hmmm…that actually does make sense, assuming that Terence Stamp’s character (who, spoiler alert, was the one who REALLY poisoned Elizabeth to stop the marriage), perhaps due to being of an older generation, was so personally convinced that race-mixing would’ve destroyed the Gracey name that he was willing to commit murder to stop it.

      But that’s a LOT of very specific history to expect a general audience to know. I guess my real problem with the film is that the racial overtones aren’t overtly mentioned even ONCE. Doug compared it to The Princess And The Frog in his review, but even that movie still had that “girl of your…background” line. I’m not expecting Disney to make Django Unchained or anything, but…I learned about slavery in the antebellum South as early as fifth grade, and THAT is where the average audience member’s mind is going to go, so it feels weird and borderline-irresponsible of the film to not mention the elephant in the room even once. Not that briefly brushing aside the issue with a quick, easily misunderstandable “slavery wasn’t as big a deal in Louisiana” mention would’ve been any better though. I guess it’s kind of a no-win situation.

      • MidnightScreeningsman2014

        I don’t think why Disney doesn’t do slavery is cause that whole Song of the South debacle!!! But if they do end up mentioning or doing a movie about slavery I’ll be shocked

        • Except Song of the South takes place after the Civil War. That’s why the little boy and his mama are sent to the plantation to begin with. He was a reporter during the reconstruction of Atlanta whose views weren’t popular so he thought it safer if his family stayed out of the city and on his old family farm.

          The problem is the movie glosses over all this and the racial tensions of the day to focus on classicism instead and the Mother’s inherit prejudices against her son socializing with lower the classes; both the black sharecroppers and the poor white neighbors.

    • Did the French and Spanish have the same attitudes on all mixed unions or would they have been different if the guy had been black and the woman white, like with the English

      • Generally (broad strokes of course), the French did not really care about race. Sure they would sometimes stick up their nose at Africans. But that was more to do with the sense that a “civilized” Frenchmen would see an African as “primitive.” They had no problems with “civilized” blacks though.
        France still practiced slavery in the Americas (see Haiti). Unlike English and American slavery, it was very common to see free persons of color (slavery itself was outlawed in France proper after the French Revolution). The Haitian Revolution began due to tension between white French land owners, free blacks, and then the enslaved blacks when each group wanted more rights and freedoms at the expense of the others.

        Spain and Latin America was a different animal all together. Typical racial attitudes to the Spanish colonies (and later free Latin American colonies) were as follows: the whiter the better. It was OK in social circles to racial mix as long as neither party was particularly dark skinned. This lead to different attitudes about race than the US had. The US (mainstream) had the idea that a single drop of black blood made a person black, regardless of their actual skin color. Latin America had a gradient in which there were two extremes (white and black) and a grey area in between. People that fall into this mixed-race grey area labeled themselves as either Mulatto or either black or white. Simply put, as long as the person was not really dark or really pale skinned, they could label themselves however they wanted.
        A cool modern consequence of the racial gradient can be found in the relations between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Dominicans typically call themselves white or mulatto but label Haitians as black. To an American eye they both would look black because both groups have darker skin.

        In the case of the Gracey-Elizabeth marriage, since the actress playing Elizabeth is relatively lighter skinned, no one would have batted an eye at all in Latin America. The same goes for if the genders were reversed. As long as neither of them were really dark skinned, no one would care. The issue arises because of US racial thinking was seeping into Louisianan culture (eg don’t racially mix).

  4. I actually thought it was Horror Guru doing the Eddie Murphy voice, but Stephen Kroescz did a really good job!

    Can’t wait for the next part!

  5. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Good video. Nice that you exploded those heads when they sang milkshake by kelis(BTW that song is terrible tbh)!!! Bustbusters I get it cause there glass!!! Speaking of ghostbusters, id like to know what you thought of the reboot trailer?

    Well got nothing else to talk about except that I hope Stephen Kroescz gives you the rights to use nootrac(cartoon spelled backwards) for your some jerk show since I’m pretty sure he said on his Twitter a few days ago he gave up on reviewing a long time ago and I just adore that character and since he’s givin up on reviewing I hope you can get to use nootrac on your show since I loved both you guys(you and nootrac’s) chemisty on the animated anaylsis episode you did with Stephen? Even if it’s for one episode or one review or for a cameo,that would be awesome if you could do that in the future and it would make my dreams come true if that would happen!!!!*fingers crossed*

    Wonderful review as always and when can we expect the final part to to be out?

    • They’re called bustbusters because a sculpted portrait of a person from the shoulders up is called a bust. Those statues were carved from stone, not poured or blown glass.

      And, off of my high horse, Tony, love the chemistry between you and Jackula and Guru. More, please!

      • MidnightScreeningsman2014

        Yeah I kinda forgot in hindsight to change that to stone and not say glass(guess that’s what I get for not spell checking it but I’ll do that at the bottom). 😛

    • SomeJerkWithACamera

      The Ghostbusters reboot trailer was…an average comedy trailer, these days. I’ve long since learned that, aside from occasional happy incidents when a comedy’s premise is PERFECT for the demands of a trailer (Sausage Party, for example) comedy trailers usually suck – they string together all the moments that got laughs in test screenings without taking into account that those laughs required SETUPS as well as punchlines. So I wasn’t nearly as surprised as everyone else that the trailer wasn’t too good, and in fact, given the rock-bottom expectations I have about comedy trailers, I kind of liked it. The problem with the Ghostbusters remake is, being funny won’t be enough. The sky-high, FORCE AWAKENS-level expectations people bring to this damn thing (even higher than FORCE AWAKENS, actually, since GHOSTBUSTERS II, for all its faults, is still a way better movie than the prequels) will redefine the term “tough crowd.” And my fear is that, when it inevitably fails to live up to those expectations, everyone will say, “See? Female protagonists DON’T work!”

      • MidnightScreeningsman2014

        Actually I can totally see where your coming from saying comedy trailers suck since studios take the best moments from the movie that got the most laughs at the test screening and put them in the trailer and that’s why most comedies end up sucking(aka Daddy’s Home which I didn’t see but my dad said they put the best moments in the trailer and the movie sucked) and I could see the exact same thing happening with upcoming comedies(example secret life of pets,that angry birds movie, and the ghostbusters reboot which crossing my fingers plzzzzzz don’t let it turn out that movie sucks!!!!!!

        • MidnightScreeningsman2014

          And I also do see where you’ll say the female protags don’t work but hey that’s just the SJWs and menimists that’ll say that but if that movie does end up sucking we’ll always have comedies like Bridesmaids and other woman movies with female protagonists to compare it up too!!!!!!

          • MidnightScreeningsman2014

            Finally,I kind of thought the second trailer(aka the international trailer) was better and man can’t wait for Sausage Party and glad Keanu(key and Jordan Peeles latest) was good too so maybe there’s still hope. Now can you plz answer my other question above i’d appricate it and can’t wait for part 3(which hopefully) will be up in 2 weeks!!!

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      *Cause There made of Stone*

  6. The wait is over…the awesomeness continues!! Starting with a great opening!

    So many great parts!! Can’t keep up!!

    0:40 love that look (this film does have great zombie affects and production design)

    3:54 Brave and Cars were amazing…just saying….

    4:54 so sweet, in a weird sort of way…

    5:00 took me a while to figure out you were dubbing that.

    7:17 EEEEEEEEEEEEK!! Shakespearen Count Jackula rules!!!

    8:23 fun fact, Song of the South was supposed to have a title card that made it clear the movie was set after Emancipation by several years but they forgot it.

    10:31 you won’t get me this time! Ha! (we’re you guys the busts?)

    13:06 awesome!!!!! 🙂

    13:30 will that sound ever get an official name

    Y’know at some point during this review, I got the vibe you wanted Eddie Murphy to, I dunno, stop taling or something…I dunno why I’m thinking that…or that you might not be partial to teeth… just popped into my head 😉

    This was a really, really, really, great video: when the ending started, I grinned…and I don’t think I’ll ever stop… 🙂

    And props to Luke Ski: I did not know it was him. Great!

    • SomeJerkWithACamera

      Even if you know Song Of The South was set after Emancipation (which I did), it’s still pretty unforgivable for it to not even MENTION slavery, since Uncle Remus is clearly old enough to have been a slave. Here, at least most of the film is set in modern-day, so you wouldn’t expect it to come up as much.

      The audio of the busts singing “Milkshake” actually comes from “Hip Shop” by Paul & Storm:

      • While I do like the movie, I can see what you mean; while a lot of a reference to slavery might not have worked with the story, a few well written references might have saved the film.

        Also, considering how much flack the film would receive for forgetting the card, it’s kind of a big thing to forget 🙂

        Awwwhh, I had hoped it was you guys

        • SomeJerkWithACamera

          I’m not sure what you mean by “forgetting the card.” What card?

          • Oh, the title card or statement saying the movie was set in the 1870’s, after Emancipation, which book the book had: the Hays Office literally asked Disney to put this into the final cut of the film after initial complaints came but they either couldn’t be bothered or just forgot.

            Such genius is staggering; utterly staggering

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      To your mention of Brave I got some people who thought it was a downer but for cars(the first one at least) I know alot of people who hate it cause Mater and Larry the Cable guy and it just being a stupid premise(talking cars I see where people are coming from with that and it’s sequel and I don’t understand how much hate the first one gets but for the sequel totally,yeah its a big mess) but I like those movies and there my guilty pleasures so yeah guess me and you are in the minority who like the second one!!!!

      • Downer? Really? I always found it a rowdy rollicing time!! And Mater was loveable, very different from most comic reliefs having some actual touching moments.

        Stupid premise? This company made a moivie about the Magnificent 7 with bugs.. Talking spy cars…yeah that’s stupid…

        It seems so: TOGETHER WE STAND!!! ROAAAAAR!!


        • MidnightScreeningsman2014

          Now i got another ridiculous one for you: a dad doesn’t get along with his kids and so he has to spend more time with them and not be so busy…busy oh wait that’s this movie and every family movie comedy with that plot from the late 90s to the early 2000s!!!!

          • Are you kidding: this plot is one of the most origional plots of the age, like the ‘protect the enviroment ‘ plot which is most certainly not over used…not at all… 😉

  7. WHEEEEEE! This is the BEST ride! ^_^ More! Part 3!

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