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As work begins on Attack of the Clones, George Lucas works to begin make a revolutionary vision of film making techniques a reality.

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  1. Thanks again for the history.

    Roger Ebert’s quote of Attack of the Clones is something I completely agree with. The film commits the ultimate sin of being boring. There’s nothing memorable about it (that includes the Yoda fight).
    Which is why I also agree with our very own Doug Walker, by saying Attack of the Clones is the worst Star Wars Movie, because with the other films (including Phantom Menace) they were all entertaining in their own way. Attack of the Clones attempts at entertainment, but it comes of bland as toast.

  2. It is interesting to see how things came to be, especially regarding the often criticized prequels.
    But I welcome the change of knowing a little bit more of what was going on behind the scenes, instead of having a random internet person insulting the filmmaker for not liking a certain scene.
    But I agree, that Attack of the clone easily was the worst one of them all.

  3. ManWithGoodTaste

    You brought up a point about the conveyor belt sequence that I NEVER thought about. Everything makes more sense now.

    And……. really? Roger Ebert did not like AGGRESSIVE NEGOTIATIONS? He did not like IF IT’S NOT IN OUR RECORDS IT DOESN’T EXIST? And who would forget IF DROIDS COULD THINK THERE WOULD BE NONE OF US LEFT?

    Also, something no one brings up. Hayden talks IRL just like he does in the movie. He talks slightly weird, and that’s just how he is. Anyone complaining about his bad acting should also have problems with reality.

    ALSO also, you BETTER do an episode about The Clone Wars. It was meant to be all of George’s unused ideas , finally put back into canon. And the show IS canon, always was.

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