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Lucas finds himself with too much material and too little space to close out his trilogy with Revenge of the Sith.

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  1. Oh man, if they’d only had Anakin just fighting the war and have Padme waiting at home for him and have her die while waiting. Then, Palpatine could use the “Jedi rebellion” to suggest they assassinated her. Basically the Dracula thing. Holy crap that would have been awesome. And they could have had Grievous killing Jedi and so Anakin chooses to keep hunting him down.

  2. You did more research than most “true SW fans” ever done. Bra. Vo.

    And, bringing this up just in case anyone actually reads this: The Clone Wars is required viewing material for anyone who liked the prequels at all. Made with George as idea man and creative consultant, the show is as canon as can be.

    Rebels is to some extend required as well.

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