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With his saga finally complete, Lucas attempts to move on to other things. Yet his mind cannot help but return to his most famous creation, especially as the question of his retirement and legacy begins to loom over him.

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  1. That one guy who kept demanding that Chuck deal with The Clone Wars, are you happy now?

  2. ManWithGoodTaste

    The one significant thing that the prequels (with The Clone Wars) contribute to the SW universe, is the idea that the Jedi are not perfect magical people who are always right. They can fail, make mistakes, be manipulated, be wrong about the Force, and too sure of themselves. You disagreeing with the Jedi on something should not mean that you are an evil Sith (or close to becoming one).

    Prequel bashers should at least see that.

    And Lucas’ deal with Disney mirrors Lando’s deal with Vader perfectly, doesn’t it?

    I will ignore Disney’s Star Wars from now on (except for Rebels and Rogue One, which respects the films that came before it rather than spitting on them).

    • Did Lucas cocks were salty enough? No, most of what you said is straight bullshit!

      Clone Wars come out in 2008, when great KotOR in 2003 and I’m sure it wasn’t rare in EU also.

      So, no. You give Clone Wars something what they didn’t achieved like any brainless fanboy would do..

      “Prequel bashers should at least see that.”
      They do see that, it simply isn’t any real achimenes, especially compared to number of flaws.

      “I will ignore Disney’s Star Wars from now on”
      From now one? I’m absolutely sure that you rage with hatred from the beginning. Considering how shallow your arguments are I’m not surprised that you completely didn’t get what SFDebris said about those events, and presumed that it somehow prove your biased point.

      Seriously.. go away. Bucket of Vaseline on the road 0_0

      • ManWithGoodTaste

        You sound like your 4chan mode was still on when you started typing.

        No self control or manners. Are all “true SW fans” like you?

        • Funny thing is that you call people that see flaws that prequels have prequel bashers but based on your own logic you are pretty much sequel basher. And just like all other brainless fanboys you are unable to see that. I doubt you even bothered to listen what SFDebris said during this video series.

          • Precisely. I may overreact, but how should I react regard obvious lies regard “innovation” what were Clone Wars?

          • Everyone who disagrees with you is a brainless fanboy, true.

            I mean prequel bashers who love the new films are hypocrites, whether the prequels are objectively okay films or not.

          • “Everyone who disagrees with you is a brainless fanboy”

            Did I ever said anything like that?

            “I mean prequel bashers who love the new films are hypocrites”

            Because? A brainless fanboy like you said so?

            “whether the prequels are objectively okay films or not”

            And that is what prove that you are a fanboy, d’oh! Objective judgment is main reason why people hate Prequels, when Disney bashers almost always call to emotion or exaggerate meaning of minor flaws. You think otherwise? Good for you, but don’t pretend that you was proven to lie regard Prequels merit. But that is mostly for others. As a fanboy you will spin reality as you please anyway.

        • No. Much like how nobody with good taste is like you.

        • Manwithgoodtaste and Rezro both seem to have forgotten that art is subjective.

          • I really with they’d both knock off this self-serving nonsense already or at least take it some place else. It’s been THREE DAYS now and there still more hung-up on arguing over whose the more intelligent fan than assessing or interpreting ANYTHING featured in the video!

  3. Another great analysis. I love these in depth looks, so fascinating. One thing that keeps bugging me (and Doug Walker did this too) is when people say that the Original trilogy was never released on DVD. On the Gold Box version of the DVD set you showed, the original cuts of the films are on the special features discs.
    I get the feeling someone is going to go Obiwan on me and tell me that what he said was true…from a certain point of view.

    • The Original Cuts in the DVD set are crappy transfers of the Laserdisc version, which is analog video. They weren’t digitally remastered like most films that came out on DVD were.

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