The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Continued – Lost in Adaptation

The Dom concludes his review of the 2005 Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy adaptation.

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Reviewer of games, TV shows and movies. The Dom also likes to look at film adaptations of books and talk about what got lost transitioning from page to screen.


  1. Jujuflip? You may be OK with that sort of language, but I find it highly offensive. I guess we should be glad you didn’t start saying Bel… “The B word”!

  2. Well, it is a great adaption if you compare it to the disgrace of what the US did to Dirk Gently. Please do that next, I need a good rant about it

  3. Just noticed at the 9:39 minute mark of the video you can see the TV version of Marvin. You’re right, making him look sad really defeats the purpose of the joke.

  4. Tidbit: The elderly blonde woman sitting at the bar in the pub scene is the actress who played Trillian in the British TV series.

  5. Aw. I like Smash Mouth. Haha. Also, after all of this, I’ll just stick to the movie. I like goofy happy sparkly package endings.

  6. ah, there’s your hatred of the hollywood ending…

  7. One of my favorite running gags (or at least turned out to be a running gag) was in Life, The Universe, And Everything. The character Agrajag, whom you find out Arthur has killed on multiple occasions throughout the series. Their “final” confrontation for some reason is just hilarious. I wonder how much foresight Adams had when he said the Potted Flowers had a single thought: “not again”.
    On a side note I actually created a 4th ed D&D character called Aagrojag, a Diva that had died and reincarnated multiple times due to the wrath of one Arthurian Denture.

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