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Unless Quasi Modo goes on a killing’s spree, I ain’t interested. Doug checks out The Hunchback of Notre Dame II.

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  1. You know, truth be told when I was a kid I didn’t really mind the sequel as much; but now I watched it as an adult… Yeeeeah I can totally see why others despise it.

    For me personally, the problem is not the animation, or the music, or the voice acting or even the characters (save for Sarousch) it’s the script, and boy howdy this is a really, REALLY poorly written script.

    Which is a shame since I actually think the concept for Quasimodo having a loved one, is a good idea, it’s just poorly executed is all.

    Madellaine, for the most part is actually not bad a character, sure she sometimes says things that don’t make sense (especially given the time period this was set) but I still think she’s nicely drawn and she still has at least some level of charm to like about her; and her relation with Quasi is actually kind’a cute—SURE generic, contrived, and forced as all hell, but still kind’a cute, so it is kind of nice to give the two some finality at the end.

    As for the kid… I can definitely see why others can’t stand him, but hey he’s a kid, of course he’s gonna act playful and naïve, granted that’s not a good enough excuse now I think about it, but otherwise I don’t think there’s anything to hate about him per say.

    But other than that, yeah everything else about the film just doesn’t work! The animation, while good in its own merits, does seem inappropriate for a Disney film, even for a direct to video one, (I mean look at it, it’s a feature length Looney Tunes cartoon, there are even some breaking the fourth wall moments with the animals for crying out loud!) and the songs are pretty damn generic; and really what’s the point of bringing back these actors for Phoebus and Esmeralda if you’re not doing anything with the character themselves? (least you can do is get some voice actors to impersonate them) There are so many things they could have done with said characters, they could have explored more of their relation as a parental couple and as close supportive friends to Quasi, they contributed a lot more to the story, the possibly are endless!

    Ugh, yeah now I see why this film gets such a bad rap, but again I do think concept for the movie can work, if only they put more thought into what they were given. The voice acting is still good, animation is still good, the musical score is decent, they have some good material to work with but they squandered it; If they had put some thought into the story and the characters, both the original and newer ones, this could have made a decent sequel to, again bring finality to Quasimodo having a loved one, and sure, Sarousch would actually have made for a pretty cool villain to, but as is the film as it stands now is a major let down! 🙁

    Ah well, those are at least my thoughts for the film, what do you guys think?

  2. I recall this one broke Lindsey/Nostalgia Chick too.

    Get it? It’s beautiful on the inside? Get it? GET IT? HUH? YOU GET IT??!!

  3. Yet another I saw as a kid. I remember thinking that it was bland but I was still happy that Quasimodo got a girl. In fact, I recently got rid of my VHS copy of this movie.

  4. I watched part of this on YouTube maybe 5-6 years ago, and never felt compelled to revisit it. The original is among my top 5 favourite Disney films, and this just seemed like awful fan fiction, as most other Disney sequels do.

    From what I’ve read though, Djali x Hugo become a thing by the end of the film, so if there’s one good thing about this, it’s that it produced Disney’s first canon gay couple? 🙂

    • Aside from the films confirming Djali’s gender, I can’t seem to find any definite proof from Disney about either him or Hugo being a thing, or generally being gay or at least pansexual…

      But THAT’s gonna be my headcanon! 😉

  5. God I hate this film. This is one of my top most hated films of time. The reason I hate this film so much is because I really enjoyed the first Hunchback of Notre Dame. It was my second favorite Disney film next to Lion King. The main reason I enjoyed it because it was one of the few if not only dark and mature animated Disney movie. And to go from dark and mature to generic and Bland I think it’s an insult to the original.

  6. The movie was not so bad when I saw it as a kid. But it’s just fun to joke about it if my friends and I watch it for the heck of it now a-days.

  7. Oh, and GOD I wish that Disney would release Hunchback on blu-ray WITHOUT it being packaged with Hunchback 2. It’s a shame the original didn’t get a 20th anniversary release this year.

  8. I actually did make a fan-made remake of this sequel in an online writing contest on a site called Fanpop. The contest was called the Fan-Made Disney Sequel Contest and I tried to remake this. For anyone interested in the story I had for it (Which I HIGHLY doubt anyone is) here it is:

    Frollo’s brother Jehan (Who was in the book) receives news of his brother’s death and that Quasimodo, Esmeralda, and Phoebus were responsible. So he plots his revenge by pretending to be a Lord (Since none of them have ever seen him) and plans on killing the three. But to have Quasimodo especially pay, he uses his servant girl Madellaine to pretend to be in love with him and then reveal it was all a lie. She doesn’t want to at first but Jehan threatens to hurt or even kill her little brother by lashing him with a whip. She agrees in order to protect the only family she has left but while she was frightened by Quasi at first, eventually falls in love with him. Jehan also is doing all of this in order to make up for his sins of being with prostitutes and not being the man his brother wanted him to be.

    Anyway, my thoughts on this movie are as follows. I love Madellaine and her relationship with Quasimodo, the instrumental music is good, the voice acting is great, and the songs An Ordinary Miracle and I’m Gonna Love You are good songs. Other than that, this movie is AWFUL! The animation is horrendous, the other songs suck, the story is stupid and weak, the tone doesn’t match the original, the villain is lame, and it’s a complete insult to the original.

    • Snorgatch Pandalume

      Your story sounds far more interesting than this piece of crap.

      • Late reply on my part, but thank you! Although, that’s not saying much considering this movie. But I think my version is really good and quite a few people do too apparently lol. I love Madellaine and her relationship with Quasi but what were they thinking with this movie? Other than making a quick buck lol.

  9. I think the problem with this film’s animation is the color palette–the designs are great and the movements are very fluid, but the color palette is just all wrong, especially during the daytime scenes.

  10. I like how he spotted An American Tail 3 as one of the bad oens, please rip that movie a new fucking hole! I still love Little Nemo though, I grew up with that movie.

  11. I was somehow lucky enough to have missed out on most of these strait to video sequels as a kid. I know everyone’s got to pay the bills, but how do you go from Akira to….this?!

  12. thatchickwithlonghair

    I warned you. 😀

    “I keep expecting Wakko Warner to pop up and smash someone with a mallet!”

    ……that would improve the film a lot.

  13. I was looking at the Disney sequels on the IMDb. This has the lowest score, at 4.8! Of course, I’ve heard terrible things about it. This is one where I don’t care about him getting the girl. Trust me, that’s rare. Yeah, I’ll probably see it someday.

  14. I dunno, McKean was kinda creepy as the Fear Clown on Star Trek: Voyager.

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