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Class, sophistication, elegance, David Bowie playing the cello. What more could you want from a vampire? The Maven has a few suggestions.

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  1. Oh please do Thirst at some point 🙂

  2. Oddly, enough I actually watched the film yesterday. I have to agree. The ending felt tact on, and could have been much better.

    It’s a pretty Ok movie, however.

  3. This is actually my 4th favorite vampire film. It does have its flaws but I really like its style. I do like Interview slightly more though.

  4. Awwwww! Your son is so adorable! And I want to read Carmilla at some point.

  5. This review started going off the rails when you started pushing the feminist spiel. A woman has to discard her femininity to be a feminist? What? Seriously? You’re telling someone how they can and cannot behave, that’s not feminism, that’s fascism. Then you bring in the dreaded “male gaze”. Wooo. Scary. It’s not like lesbians don’t watch porn themselves or cant enjoy erotic content. Focusing on their bodies and not their emotions. What the hell is that supposed to mean? It’s a love scene. Of course they’re going to focus on their bodies. In a love scene, you’re supposed to focus on their physical passion to showcase their love for one another. Do you think sex should be a limp, static affair with no drive or passion?

    You have a child so I’m going to assume you have had sex at one point but you do understand that partners can and do bite each other during sex, I’ve done it, I’ve had it done to me, strong enough to draw blood too.

    To me, the curtains in the scene didn’t make me think of peeking through curtains etc, it looked like it was trying to give it an other worldly look without having to resort to smoke or excessive soft lighting or camera fogging.

    It’s a vampire movie, you’re going to expect there to be gore unless it’s one of those modern pseudo-vampire movies like Twilight. This movie was from the eighties, excessive blood wasn’t unusual back then. Bowie simply may have disliked the gore as a personal preference and Ebert was a professional critic. He most likely saw a lot of similar movies or overused tropes and the blatant pretension of the movie as a whole. You even said so yourself earlier on in the review that the movie’s style gets in the way of the movie’s plot.

    • Snorgatch Pandalume

      The Maven was praising the fact that Miriam and Sarah DIDN’T have to discard their femininity to be feminist, in contrast to the way feminism is commonly portrayed in male-dominated Hollywood, with feminists rejecting femininity and dressing and behaving like men.
      Her beef with the sex scene was that it was clearly shot in a manner meant to titillate male viewers (LESBIANS!!!! HURR HURR!!!!), as virtually all lesbian sex scenes in movies and television are, focusing on the women’s tits and asses, not their faces, and even having Susan Sarandon still wearing her fucking spiked heels in bed.

      • Who gives a fuck if the sex was shot to just titillate male viewers? Why is that inherently bad? This is why nobody takes feminism seriously anymore. All other sexualty=pure, good, in needing of expression. Male sexuality=gross, wrong, misogynistic, misguided, and rapey.

        • Snorgatch Pandalume

          Gee, I dunno, maybe because it objectifies women? How shocking that someone who doesn’t take feminism seriously wouldn’t get that. And then you have the gall to claim you’re being persecuted for your sexuality. Maybe this is why nobody takes the Men’s Rights Movement seriously anymore, because they come off like a bunch of whiny little crybabies. Maybe if you viewed women as people and not objects they might actually like you. Now go back to masturbating to porn.

          • If you want to talk about a vampire movie that is nothing but male gaze; look no further than “Life force”!

            Seriously; three quarters of the film is the lead female vampire STARK NAKED and UNCENSORED.

            As for this movie…
            The scene itself was completely unnecessary and was just to pad out the film as it really adds nothing.

            As for objectification:
            What about all the scenes that focus on David’s Bowie… I mean David Bowie.

            He was a rather sexy man and the producers knew it!
            That’s why they hired him… FEMALE GAZE!

            Objectification it not a bad thing… It’s how it’s used.

        • My question, MogwaiiBrody69 (69, Duuude! ;D love that movie):

          Why so defensive? You only acknowledge two things to be at peace: 1. women are adult humans and capable of making their own life decisions (feminisim: women are not property). 2. Women can and should be included (note: not replacing) in human activities such as governing, trading, educating, and entertaining with their viewpoints respected and bringing a new perception to the benefit of the whole. The only result when you fight against this is alienating yourself from men and women who just want to function as a community with dignity. The women you think of when you have a knee-jerk reaction about feminism are only those who are EXACTLY like you: divisive, contemptuous, and afraid of acknowledging the power of the other sex as well as their own.

          Mature, and be free.

    • With all the gimmicks the movie used for the sake of looking “artsy”, I’m surprised that the sex scene (or the entirety of the movie) did not include lots of “smoke or excessive soft lighting or camera fogging.” LOL

      Plus, the whole “male gaze” thing is one of the things that highlights how men and women perceive things. (Why do I keep saying “things”?) Basically, its like how women wank while *reading* porn and guys wank while *looking* at porn. We guys want to see the action, while women want to see expression — its not that complicated.

    • “You have a child so I assume you have had sex at one point.” Classy. Thank you for respecting a young mother. And you misheard the review, Chaos Marine.

  6. Snorgatch Pandalume

    Is Miriam unfeeling? She’s a fucking SERIAL KILLER! Any sympathy I might have had for her and her lovers goes right out the window the moment I think about the sheer number of lives they’ve destroyed (one murder a week for 6000 years = 312,000 murders!). Being sealed up in boxes as living, conscious mummies forever is the LEAST these fiends deserve! The question isn’t “Would you want to live forever as an addict?” It’s “Would you want to live forever as a mass murderer?” Given that choice, it’s perfectly understandable that Sarah decides to do herself in.

  7. Great review!

    For some reason, beyond my understanding, I did not have any objections to the visual aspect of the sex scene. *scratches crotch in deep contemplation* =|

  8. Yaaaay, more Vampire Reviews!!

    3:52, 4:58 and 7:24 were the highlights; you need to take on pretension more often 🙂

    It’s a shame Bowie never got to play a vampire more often; he’s got the manners down well

    Also I watched Lost Boys for the first time recently and it was awesome!! Also I’m reading a Dark Shadows novel because of your show as well as checking ou the series and really liked both; just wanted to let you know. And I watched bits of Interview with a Vampire; quite gooshy (Tom Cruise’s best role by far and I love Edge of Tomorrow and the last three Mission Impossible films)

    Ahh yes, hyper sexualizing lesbian relationships; nice to see we’re being mature about this, right guys? What’s with those curtain back in the day anyhow?

    Another great review wrapped up by another great cameo; can’t wait for the next episode (could you do a video on Carmilla in film someday please?)

  9. I’d love for Elsa to review Once bitten; if she hasn’t already.

    For those who don’t know…. It’s Jim Carrey (before he was famous) as a Vampire!

  10. I have never heard of this movie before. Then again, I’m not into vampires. Well, I’m familiar with Dracula. Everyone is! This doesn’t seem that good. I like that baby.

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