The Huntsman: Winter’s War – Projector

Film Brain reviews the follow-up to Snow White and the Huntsman that’s actually both prequel AND sequel, and cashing in on Frozen… oh, let it go.

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  1. FIRST!!! Mwahahaha!!

    New episode: Yaaaay!! (I’ve given up trying to pick up on a pattern on when your stuff is published: just enjoying when it does go up)

    Ah yes, the 2012 Snow white battle: even though Charlize Theron is a better evil queen and Chris Hemsworth is a better hero (Armie Hammer is an amazing actor…except for that film), I liked Mirror Mirror better because Snow White is better (Lily Collins is so under rated), the entire dwarf cast is amazing (the fact they not only have a actual dwarves but dwarves with actual character to them is pluses in their own right), the idea of making Snow White a Robin Hood highwayman was brillient (IRONY!!!) and the ending was fantastic because BOLLYWOOD!!!
    So amazing!!
    Both movies stink with awful stories and hidious production designs: but Mirror Mirror stunk that little bit less because Snow White and the Huntsman is insanely generic and full of itself: both would make excelent BMB episodes (hint, hint 🙂 )

    02:40 that made me grin like a twit all day: great!!!
    04:40 wow…just wow….because that’s what you think of when you here fun blockbuster…jeeeez!!
    05:24 we don’t talk about him: gaaaaugh!! He’s one of the most memorable things about that movie for all the wrong reasons: shudder!!
    08:28 can you find another reason to say pretencious in another video? Please? It’s so fantastic!!
    13:45 uggh, I hate that: saw Force Awakens like that; pain!!

    This looks a lot better then the first one: might give it a watch (80’s fantasy forever!!)

    Great review: how come Jeramy Irons is doing so much more work then usual? Did he just decide to do work inbetween BvsS shooting?

    Take care 🙂

  2. I admit that SWATH is a superior movie to MM, but it’s also more generic. I actually enjoyed MM despite Lily Collins awful acting, because it had its own visual style.

    I’m not sure why they didn’t just recast Snow White. I mean, what bigger FU to Stewart could there be than casting someone prettier and more talented than her? (which wouldn’t be hard, since she was outshone by a girl who was parodying her in “Vampires Suck”)

    Yeah, it’s obviously taking a lot from Frozen, but you know what? I’m okay with that. The Disney Reich has always been creatively bereft and has never hesitated to rip other people off, so I’m very cool with other people ripping THEM off. Let them suffer.

    Actually, Freya’s “battle style” reminds me more of Tilda Swinton’s White Witch, especially the hair and the polar bear.

    Why is Liam Neeson narrating?!

    Good to now see that Chris Hemsworth is getting to unleash his manly charm!

  3. We demand a bad movie beatdown NOW

  4. This is an old video and no one wil read this but I don’t care!! I’ll do this anyway!!

    With this movie this movie being a marked improvment over the last one, you could honestly say (ahem):

    ‘Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this son of Odin’.

    There, I did it!!! And I’m sorry!! Yeehaw!!!! 🙂

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