The Incredible Hulk Returns (A Review)

Think a Marvel crossover movie couldnt go wrong? Think again. Film Brain torments Nash with the proof.

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  1. I watched this when it originally aired on NBC. I’d never seen the tv show and was only semi-aware it existed at the time the movie came out. Thankfully I’d seen the cartoon so I had a vague understanding of the Hulk’s origin and I understood that David “Bruce” Banner wanted to be free of him/it. Thor on the other hand was a mystery to me as I never read comic books.
    It was a neat little made-for-tv movie that satisfied the superhero fanboy in my then 10yr old self. It’s a good thing it was made for tv as a theater release would have enraged fanboys to the point of riot back in the 80’s when live-action superhero movies were quite scarce.
    I certainly can’t argue that this *cough* movie, is bad. It is bad, but it’s what we had back then and as I was without cable or satelite tv back then I was glad to get what I could. By today’s standards this could be shown on the old Saturday morning cartoon timeslot/s and no parent would bother to complain about its violent content . . . only about its poor production quality and F’ed up origin stories.
    Oh how times have changed. 😀

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