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  1. I missed the Guardians of The Galaxy. I know Gamora was there. I mean the whole team. Luckily, they’ll be in “Infinity War”. This didn’t seem so bad. Great episode of course.

  2. My understanding is Adam Warlock’s lightning bolt is a reference to the lightning strike which brought to life Frankenstein’s monster. Since both beings were artificially created by scientists.

    • I’m almost sure that they cut him and huge part of cosmic bullshit. Yes they bring Ego is Guardians 2 but that series generally is a comedy when Infinity War would not. Yes, they probably introduce some new sidekick and maybe supporting hero, but from those who are probable I would expect Dr. Doom and Fantastic 4 as Disney own them now (I hope they would go with Movie Bob idea for them as Nuclear family who moved through time as it was both cool and a way to go around outdated nature of the team.. plus there is even theory about it).

      • Also I forget to mention that my guess is that they probably replace Adam Warlock with Captain Marvel who has upcoming movie. But we can’t say for sure who they either skip or introduce.

    • That’s a bit strange, since in the Marvel Universe, Frankenstein’s monster is a real person and NOT a character from a fictional work.

  3. Well, this is pretty timely.

  4. The New Warriors? You mean there’s more than One Ultimate Warrior? “AND YOU HOAK HOGAN WILL KNOW OUR NAME IS T-H-E N-E-W W-A-R-R-I-O-R-S WHEN WE LAY OUR DESTRUCITY UPON THEE! *SKRONK!*”

  5. I cant tell what I like more Event comic month or Disney live action Remake month.

  6. Oh crap this is getting another sequel once the film comes out isn’t it.

  7. I’ve got a feeling that Avengers: Infinity War is going to be a mashup of both Infinity Stories rather than an adaptation of this (or the previous) story alone. Wouldn’t make sense otherwise. Though I’m curious how they’re gonna manage it without the film rights to the Fantastic Four (and supporting antagonists).

    • Originally Infinity War was planed in two movies but for some reason even if second Avengers movie is in post production they remove the title. And Disney recently re-obtain right to Fox property (because they bought them) so it is possible that both X-Man and F4 would back (maybe it is why they re-brand second Avengers movie?). Also fact that this movie would be after Captain Marvel could mean that they replace with her Adam Warlock. But again, movies aren’t in any way faithful to the comic (also in good way) so who know in the end?

      • Yeah, but they acquired Fox to late for the rights to the Fantastic 4 to have any impact on Infinity War unless this deal had secretly already been in the works for a couple years.

        Reed Richard’s role in the story could easily be swapped out for some other science hero such as Tony Stark or Hank Pym, but it’d be difficult to find a suitable replacement for Galactus or Doom.

  8. Dude, these issues had Alpha Flight in them, and you only mentioned them once! You should’ve been constantly saying when they appeared on panel, drawing attention to it. If you came to a page where they didn’t show up, you should’ve been saying ‘Where’s Alpha Flight? What are they doing right now?’*

    ‘The covers all seem to be gatefold.’
    Myth: confirmed.

    ‘Hank Pym doesn’t seem to have any powers at this point.’
    Judging by his costume, this was the time when he had bag-of-holding pockets × Batman crazy-preparedness. Basically, he shrank everything he could possibly need and put them in his pockets in advance.
    Also, the power of a tiny head, à là Beetlejuice, but that wasn’t really showcased here.

    ‘Marvel always draw out their good ideas as long as they’re viable.’
    If only they stopped there. Sigh.

    I was surprised you didn’t draw attention to the fact that most of those Cubes… weren’t.

    ‘Heroes fighting heroes in events isn’t an invention of modern times.’
    True; the first big Marvel event was Contest Of Champions.
    However! heroes fighting heroes is the entire event, forget about having villains, is, very much, a modern thing.

    A major difference between the 616 Infinity Stones and the MCU Infinity Gems that this mini- showcases is that the 616 versions aren’t dangerous to the touch. In fact, one of Infinity Watch swallowed his.

    ‘… with Eternity being more time and Infinity space.’
    Did you get that backwards?

    ‘Pants to be eboned!’

    * Of course I’m joking. I just can’t let a mention of my favourite team go uncommented-on, and I have nothing else to add.

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