The Lady in the Van / Kill Your Friends – Projector

Film Brain spends some time with Maggie Smith as she spends 15 years on Alan Bennett’s driveway, and has very choice words for Nicholas Hoult in the cult novel adaptation…

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"Bad Movie Beatdown" takes a look at the very worst that Hollywood has to offer with commentary and analysis. "Projector" is reviews of current UK releases that have yet to open in the US. There may also be some commentaries and other material.


  1. When’s your next BMB?

  2. Another Film Brain video?…must be a blue moon… 😉 Great to see you back!!

    When you talk about British cinema, like A Royal night out, Macbeth and the various Simon Pegg films among others, it’s really interesting. Not to say when you talk about other cinema it’s not interesting, but when you talk about British cinema, it’s really captivating since their are so many layers to it. Just throwing that out their.

    Lady in the Van reminds me of Keeping Mum: how come Maggie Smith keeps acting weird old ladies?
    Have you ever seen ‘Keeping Mum’? I haven’t since my parents rented it when I was to young to see it: they instead rented us ‘Chicken Little’
    I think I got the short end of the stick on that one

    It was quite strange seeing ‘Kill Your Enemies’ appear on the cover video, having been reading your thoughts on the film via Twitter a little while ago. I also don’t think you sounded negative or nasty: just sounded like someone who suffered through a vile film. Films that try to shock seem to be the worst since that’s all they have, making them boring especially what they use to shock is so obvious. And then one can’t help but feel jaded and guilty for not caring about what the film does to shock you. there is barley anyway to come out of such films feeling happy.

    Funnily enough I recently watched ‘About a Boy’ for the first time and thought it was cute. I don’t get why Hoult did this: he had promise as a kid, was fine in X-Men and the best part in Jack the Giant Slayer.

    It seems ‘Kill Your Friends’ is the Projector equivalent of ‘The Cavern’.

    I eagerly await your next video: especially BMB.

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