The Last Day – Red Dwarf Vlogs

Kryten is about to be replaced with another mechanoid … but not if the rest of the crew has anything to say about it.

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Goat Boy

Another bit of trivia: The episode is based on the 1973 Jack Nicholson movie The Last Detail.


ah the traffic cone. its a weird tradition of sorts that if a group of friends end up walking the streets drunk and come across a traffic cone they will either take it, or find somewhere hilarious to pose it (as a wizard hat on the top of statues is a popular one)


I always wondered if the Seventh Day Advent Hoppists thing was meant to be Rimmer’s idea of a joke. It seemed a bit far fetched even by Red Dwarf standards, plus if Rimmer’s mum took the bible literally she wouldn’t have committed adultery so often.

My brother had a stolen traffic cone (plus a large collection of road signs) he kept it in the corner of his room and used it to hang his hats on.


Yes, yes the traffic cone is popular to steal when drunk. It happens most often at university. I recall stealing a whole set of road work signs and cones. We ended up using them as apart of a set for a play called “Road”. Also stole a trolley while drunk. Woke up in my kitchen inside the trolley, had to get flatmate to help me get out.