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I HAVE ALL THE LAST JEDI FEELS. Let me share them with you.

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  1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi was pretty good. The acting was good. The action was good. It’s a beautiful movie. The 3D was better than The Force Awakens. I like every scene except for one. Most of the humor was good. However, there weren’t enough twists. The trailers misled me. I would have preferred if it was like Rogue One. I liked JJ Abram’s take on Star Wars more so I am still excited for Episode 9 for that reason alone.

  2. Boy, Kylo-Ren sounds more like Shakespeare in the Park more than Marvel’s The Avengers Loki the mischievous Ice-Giant Norse god whom Tony Stark/Iron Man calls him that way in that 2012 movie.

  3. The way you Jill make it sound about Kylo Ren or Ben should be more like: Instead of “Grandma, it’s me Anastasia”, “Grandma, it’s me Nearly Every Shakespearean dramatic villain in the Park” as in Central Park, Manhattan, New York City. I am indeed such a Macbeth Claudius Drama Queen or King.

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