The Last Witch Hunter – Calluna

Calluna takes a look at the stupid but fun fantasy action film starring Vin Diesel.

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  1. Are you ever going to review the Scorpion King 2, 3 and 4?

  2. I’m have been a DnD player for about 20 years…. And damn that movie bored me to tears…. Rose was the only highlight of it

  3. I could see this film turned into a series of films if not a TV series.

  4. I find that immortals make poor main protagonists unless they have some flaw to their immortality so that the audience can still feel concern for their well being, like how vampires can be killed by sunlight or how Duncan McCloud could die if decapitated etc. A perfectly immortal hero who can’t die no matter what isn’t really all that compelling, I mean yeah, you COULD freeze said immortal or bury them alive, lots of horrible ways to deal with an immortal without killing him/her, but otherwise you know they’re always gonna pull through somehow, hence why I find immortal villains more compelling since they’re the ultimate obstacle for a hero to overcome.

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